If you’re looking for a smart sprinkler or irrigation system, you have probably noticed the Rachio 3 in your searches. It’s a watering system that uses smart technology to provide just the right amount of water to your yard based on its needs. Although it’s a useful device, you may be wondering if it’s compatible with your smart home hub, particularly HomeKit.

The Rachio 3 is the only generation of Rachio sprinkler controllers that can connect to the Apple HomeKit. You can control it using Siri from an iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch. HomeKit allows you to view zones, run zones, and enable or disable zones as well.

Are you wondering what else you can do with the Rachio 3 and your HomeKit? We will go more in-depth on the capabilities that the Rachio 3 has with your home automation system and why the previous versions do not support this capability.

About the Rachio 3

The Rachio 3 is a smart sprinkler. It allows you to set up zones in your yard and customize each section of your yard’s watering needs. You can purchase an eight zone option or a sixteen zone option. Once set up, you can control the device using the app or with your voice using HomeKit.

It has weather intelligence, so you will never be watering when you don’t need to—like during rain. It creates schedules based on each zone’s needs, looking at all aspects of your yard, such as soil type, whether it’s shaded, or specific plants in the area.

Setting Up the Rachio 3 with HomeKit

As long as you have a sprinkler controller right now, you can replace it with the Rachio 3 by yourself. The Rachio 3 can easily replace 99% of existing controllers. Most new users can finish the switch in as little as 30 minutes.

Getting Started with the Rachio App

Once you have installed the Rachio 3, you can complete the setup in the Rachio app. The app allows you to set your zones and watering schedules for each zone. Other features the app offers include:

  • It allows you to input details such as what type of soil and plants are in each zone.
  • The app will read the weather for the day and complete the watering intelligence.
  • You can name each zone a name you will remember to control it with your HomeKit easily.

Connecting Rachio 3 with HomeKit

After installation, you will next want to connect your Rachio 3 to HomeKit, allowing you to control your new system with a simple voice command.

You can use the Rachio help center guide to learn how to set up HomeKit. As long as the device you are using to set up the connection and your Rachio are on the same Wi-Fi network, the setup is simple.

Note: You will need to have a device that remains connected to the same Wi-Fi as your Rachio controller to control it accurately; this could be your Apple TV or an iPad that stays home.

What Can I Control with HomeKit?

You can control your yard’s watering using your voice, HomeKit, and the Rachio 3. The integration allows you to be able to control the following features:

  • View the watering statuses of each zone
  • View all zones
  • Start or queue a zone
  • Start or queue multiple zones
  • Identify zones
  • Set up a custom time for your zone

HomeKit and the Rachio 3 work together to make watering your yard simple to do through your voice alone.

How Do I Control Rachio with HomeKit?

You can use voice commands to control the Rachio 3 with your HomeKit. Simply ask Siri using the supported commands. The app allows you to custom name your zones, so remembering each zone name is crucial to your voice commands.

You can say all sorts of commands, including:

  • Stop watering
  • Water [name of zone] for [duration]
  • Turn [name of the zone] on

Siri understands a variety of commands and phrases to activate or disable zones with the Rachio 3. You can experiment around to see which you like best to use.

Why Are the Previous Versions of Rachio Not Supported?

The integration with HomeKit is exclusively available with Rachio 3. The older generations of Rachio do not support integration. The Rachio 3 has more memory that allows the integration to come to life. The Rachio 3 also has special hardware to support the integration.

Many customers were asking for backward compatibility, but unfortunately, the Rachio 3 and beyond will be the only ones that support controlling watering your yard with HomeKit.

In Summary

Fortunately for Apple users, the Rachio 3 can integrate with HomeKit; this allows you to water your yard, or zones of your yard, with ease using only your voice. Although the Rachio 3 is the only generation that has the HomeKit integration, this smart sprinkling system will keep your yard and plant perfectly watered!

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