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Does The Luna Controller Work With Tesla?

Last Updated Aug 4, 2022

Amazon Luna is Amazon’s subscription-based cloud gaming service. Unlike traditional gaming rigs and consoles, all the game processing power is done server-side on Amazon’s massive server farm. That means you can play your games on Amazon Luna on almost any device, even if it doesn’t have the power to run games. Amazon also made a custom controller for Luna.

The Amazon Luna Controller connects wirelessly through Bluetooth, which Tesla doesn’t currently support. Getting a dongle and getting the Luna Controller to work is possible, but most people have connectivity issues, and it isn’t recommended. 

If you have a current-generation gaming console, you probably already have access to the best controller for gaming in your Tesla. The Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox controllers are easily some of the most popular on the market. They are well built, the buttons feel great, high-quality wireless connectivity, and all for a reasonable price.

Does the Luna Controller Work with Tesla?

The Amazon Luna Cloud Gaming Service’s custom controller generally gets middle-of-the-road reviews. It has four stars with 6,500+ reviews on Amazon currently. It is no slouch by any means, but it is considered by many just to be ok. For roughly the same price or cheaper, it is possible to get much more highly rated controllers that will work natively with the Tesla Arcade’s system.

The Luna Controller will work with Tesla, but it will take more work than other controllers that aren’t Bluetooth-only controllers. It is possible to use a Magic NS Bluetooth Controller to connect to a Tesla, but many people have reported continued connectivity issues in reviews.

If you are 100% set on using your Luna Controller with your Tesla, it can be done, but it might end up being a headache that is not worth the effort. With other offerings from Sony, Microsoft, and possibly even some wired controllers, your gaming experience on your Tesla can be spent playing games instead of troubleshooting Bluetooth controller connectivity problems.

Connecting a Luna Controller to a Tesla

If you are set on using your Luna Controller with your Tesla, you will need a Bluetooth Wireless Controller dongle so the Tesla can recognize your controller. The most popular model of Bluetooth Wireless Adapter is the Magic NS Wireless Bluetooth Adapter. The Magic NS has a USB thru-port, so you can still use the USB port it is plugged into.

Before connecting your Luna Controller to your Tesla, ensure the batteries are fresh in the controller.

How to Connect Your Luna Controller to a Magic NS Wireless Bluetooth Adapter

  1. Plug the Magic NS Wireless Bluetooth Controller adapter into the USB port on your Tesla
  2. Press and Hold the button on the side of the Magic NS for 5 seconds
  3. The LED Indicator on the Magic NS should begin to blink slowly
  4. Turn on the Bluetooth Luna Controller
  5. Press the button on the side of the Magic NS adapter
  6. Press the Sync button on your Luna Controller
  7. The LED Indicator on the Magic NS should begin to blink quickly while attempting to pair with the Luna Controller
  8. The LED Indicator on the Magic NS should become solid (Not blinking) once the controller connection is successful

Note: if the Bluetooth Luna Controller fails to pair with the Magic NS Bluetooth Adapter, you should connect the Luna Controller via USB. Once the Tesla recognizes the controller, you can unplug it and use it via Bluetooth. 

Other Recommended Controllers for Tesla Gaming

Other controllers such as the Playstation Sony Playstation Wireless DualSenseDualSense or the Xbox One controller will probably yield better results. The Tesla gaming was designed with those controllers in mind, and they rarely have the connectivity issues the Luna Controller does.

Here is a List of Controllers That Work Great with a Tesla

  • Sony Playstation Wireless DualSense
  • Xbox Core Wireless Controller
  • Etpark PS4 Wired Controller
  • PowerA Wired Controller for Xbox

Sony Playstation Wireless DualSense

The newest Sony PlayStation controller is the PlayStation DualSense. It retails for $69.99 and is one of the most popular controllers on the market.

Xbox Core Wireless Controller

The Xbox controller for their Xbox One and Series X & S consoles is considered by many to be the best controller ever made. In black, it retails at $59.99 and will connect to your Tesla seamlessly.

Etpark PS4 Wired Controller

Wired controllers are another way around all the connectivity problems plaguing some of the Tesla Arcade users. The Etpark PS4 Wired Controller is only $15.99, and you will never have to worry about charging your batteries.

PowerA Wired Controller for Xbox

The PowerA Wired Controller for Xbox is the wired version of the Xbox Core Wireless Controller, albeit a third-party version. It retails for $29.99. It is generally considered a great controller for USB gaming on a Tesla or PC because there is nothing to set up. You just plug it in and go.


While it is possible to use the Luna Controller while gaming on a Tesla, it does have its drawbacks, the gaming user might be better served using a current generation video game console controller. That will yield better results.

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