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Does The Luna Controller Work With Stadia?

Last Updated Aug 4, 2022
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These days a gaming console’s hardware is obsolete as soon as it is on the shelves. Even a top-of-the-line Gaming PC is only top-of-the-line for a short period, no matter how much you spend. Wouldn’t it be nice to play games and not worry about the hardware side of whether you can run the game you want to play? Does the Luna Controller work with Stadia?

The Luna Controller works with Google Stadia as a Bluetooth gaming pad but not as a low-latency WiFi controller. Only the Official Google Stadia Controller can use low-latency mode with Google Stadia. Otherwise, there will be a 30-60 ms increase in latency using any Bluetooth controller.

Cloud gaming is trying to ease the hardware restrictions of modern gaming. Their games are streamed to your device over the internet with all of the heavy lifting computing done server side. Amazon Luna is a cloud gaming service offered by Amazon. Google Stadia is a cloud service offered by Google. 

Does the Luna Controller Work with Stadia?

Both Amazon and Google have their proprietary controller designed to work specifically with their cloud gaming platform. Their controllers are designed to offer a low-latency connection to their specific networks. Since all the computing and game renderings are done online, the biggest hurdle to lag will be latency. Each company’s controller specializes in its platform.

The Luna Controller will work with Google Stadia, but it will lack the Google Stadia proprietary controller’s low-latency functionality. The Luna Controller has low-latency functionality but is only compatible with Amazon Luna Cloud Gaming Service. A controller made for Stadia is advised.

A controller that works with Google Stadia will yield much better results than the Amazon Luna Controller. A low-latency controller designed for Google Stadia will offer around a 30 ms reduced latency while using Chrome Desktop or Android and around 60 mss while using an Apple iOS device. Those are significant numbers when milliseconds count while gaming.

Is the Stadia Controller Better Than the Luna Controller?

The two controllers are very well made and do their jobs well. The key is to remain with their platforms to get the most out of the devices. 

When using a Google Stadia controller with Google Stadia, the controller connects via WiFi and runs the games without any other connection. That is why it can reduce lag. Luna works similarly with the Luna service.

When you connect a Luna Controller to a Google Stadia, and vice versa, the connection is no longer connecting to the cloud gaming service via your WiFi connection. It is now using Bluetooth and acting as a normal Bluetooth gamepad. The Bluetooth connection adds latency to the connection, and that latency then creates lag. Lag is the enemy of enjoyable gaming.

If you’re deciding between the two, we have looked to see if the Luna Controller is really worth it.

The Best Controllers for Google Stadia

The best controller for Google Stadia when reducing latency completely will always be the Google Stadia Controller, first and foremost. It is the only controller that will run Google Stadia over a WiFi connection, making it possible to reduce latency from 30-60 ms depending on where the service is running (Chrome, PC, iOS, etc.)

The Best Controllers for Google Stadia are:

  • Official Google Stadia Controller
  • Xbox One Wired Controller
  • Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller

The Official Google Stadia Controller

Because Google Stadia is a competing cloud gaming service, you aren’t going to find Google Stadia Controller on Amazon any time soon. You must head to the Google Store to pick up the Stadia Controller. At a retail price of $69, it is comparable to other controllers in price. The mobile phone clip to hold your mobile phone is an extra $14.99.

If Stadia is going to be your main gaming device and you want to go all in on cloud gaming, then you can’t go wrong with the Stadia Controller due to its low-latency WiFi connection to Google Stadia Cloud Gaming Service.

The Xbox One Wired Controller

The next best controller after the official Google Stadia controller will be a wired Xbox controller. 

Most reviews have noted that the latency between the Stadia Controller and a wired Xbox controller like the PowerA Wired Controller for Xbox is hardly noticeable except by only the most experienced players or gamers. Odds are you won’t notice a lag with this controller.

It’s possible to get any phone clips for the Xbox controller. One popular one is the Dainslef Xbox One Controller Phone Mount. It retails for $9.99 on Amazon.

The Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller

Another way you can access Google Stadia for mobile gaming is the Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller. It is a controller for mobile gaming that attaches to either end of your mobile phone while the phone is in landscape mode. This setup is similar in design to the Nintendo Switch. 

It retails for $44.99 and is rated 4.5 stars with 14,500+ ratings on Amazon.


The Luna controller will work with Google Stadia but only as a normal Bluetooth gamepad. The Luna Controller will not be able to use its low-latency mode with Google Stadia as its low-latency mode is only compatible with Amazon Luna.

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