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Does the Kindle Fire HD 8 Have an HDMI Port?

Last Updated Jan 14, 2022

Home entertainment has morphed from using DVDs and VCDs to watch movies to watching high-quality movies from your tablet or using streaming services like Netflix. As a result, HDMI has become an integral part of connecting mobile devices to TV for viewing high-quality movies, which is why many potential buyers of the Amazon Fire HD 8 are asking, “Does the Fire HD 8 have an HDMI Port?”

No, the Fire HD 8 does not have an HDMI port. The last set of Kindle Fire devices with HDMI capabilities was the 4th generation tablets, Kindle Fire HD 6, Fire HD 7, Kindle Fire HDX 8.9, Fire HD 6 Kids Edition, Kindle Fire HD 7 Kids Edition.

However, you can connect your Fire HD devices to your TV using other methods, like Fire TV and Miracast. You can also use an HDMI Display Dongle. Keep reading to find out why the HDMI adapter is important for good viewing and other good methods you can use if you can’t connect with an HDMI port.

The Use of HDMI Port in Mobile Devices

Gone are the days when you needed to get a movie in the store in DVD format to play on your DVD player at home. Today, with streaming services like Netflix, you can watch almost any movie you want at home with the touch of a button. HDMI allows you to connect your tablet, smartphone, laptop, and other mobile devices to your TV so that you can watch videos on a bigger screen easily.

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. According to this source, it is an audio/video interface that transfers uncompressed video data and uncompressed or compressed audio data from a mobile digital controller like your smartphone to a compatible monitor or video projector. 

In simple terms, it makes it possible for you to watch videos from your phone on your TV screen in high definition.

Benefits of HDMI Ports in Mobile Devices

The major benefit of HDMI cables is their simplicity. They don’t have separate video and audio cables because they can transmit video and audio data in one cable. This makes it easy for users to connect, and they don’t require much space as a result. 

They also provide better picture quality and allow for crisp and clear transmission on your TV screen. For these reasons, many people prefer to have smartphones and other mobile devices that can connect to their projector or TV with HDMI ports.

Other Options for Connecting Fire HD 8 Tablet to Your TV

Thankfully, other methods are available to connect your Kindle Fire HD 8 device to your television if you need to. They are:

Connect Via Fire TV

You can connect the Fire HDX 8.9 (4th Generation), Fire HD 8 (5th Generation), and Fire HD 10 (5th Generation) to your TV using the Fire TV option.     

To use this method:

  1. Acquire an Amazon Fire TV box or an Amazon Fire TV Stick.
  2. Check and confirm that your Fire HD 8 and the Fire TV device have the same Amazon username. 
  3. They must also be connected with the same wireless network and have an internet connection. 
  4. Connect an HDMI cable between the Fire TV device and your TV.
  5. Go to Settings
  6. Select Display and Sounds on your Fire TV
  7. Turn the Second Screen Notifications on
  8. From the Fire tablet, select the video you wish to display, and it will be displayed on the TV.

If you would like to learn more about Fire HD 8, check out this article.

HDMI Adapter

This method works for Fire Models HD Kids, HDX 8.9, HD7, HD10, HD8, & HD6. Using the HDMI adapter, you can connect your Fire HD device using a micro USB cable. To do this:

  1. Acquire an HDMI adapter for Fire HD tablets
  2. Connect the HDMI adapter to the HDMI port on your TV using a standard HDMI cable
  3. Connect your Kindle Fire HD 8 tablet to the HDMI adapter using a micro USB connector.
  4. Connect the power cable to your tablet to the adapter and ensure it is plugged into a wall outlet
  5. Select the video or picture you wish to display, and it will be displayed on your TV screen.

You can use other methods to connect a Kindle Fire tablet to your TV, like Miracast, but it only works for the HDX model.


Nobody knows why Amazon has refused to release Kindle Fire HD 8 tablets with HDMI ports, but a good guess might be that they want people to buy and use the Fire TV devices. 

Thankfully, there are other ways we can connect our Kindle Fire HD 8 device to our TVs for better viewing. It might involve buying some extra gear and cables, but it’s all worth it when we turn on the TV set and watch our videos or view our pictures in high-quality.  

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