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Does The Google Nest Audio Have A Battery?

Last Updated Jan 26, 2022
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Smart home speakers have become one of the most popular in-home tech devices within the last couple of years, and companies such as Google are already creating new and improved versions of their originals that are proving to be incredibly impressive. When it comes to smart home speakers the Nest Audio is a great option for your home, but you may be wondering, does it have a battery?

The Google Nest Audio does not have a battery, which means that it can never be unplugged from a power source while expecting it to function. Luckily, once it is connected to your outlet, it can do almost anything you need it to! 

In this article, we are going to discuss the multitude of features that the Google Nest Audio does offer once it is connected to a power source, if there are any downsides to this device, and even if there are any available smart speakers that do work wirelessly so you can decide which option is the best for your home. 

What Does the Google Nest Audio Have to Offer? 

Before you get too disappointed that the Google Nest Audio does not have a battery, it’s important to understand everything else it has to offer. 

The Nest Audio is Google’s new and improved Google Home. Four years ago when they released the Google Home, consumers were seriously impressed. However, as we know, technology is always changing, and the Nest Audio has everything Google Home had, and so much more. 

In case you are not sure what this smart home speaker can do, here’s a little list for you: 

  • The voice control capabilities offer an entirely hands-free device.
  • You can control your various smart home devices including thermostats, lighting, your television, security system, and more through the speaker itself.
  • Built-in Google Assistant can give you the daily news, sports updates, music, podcasts, and any general information you may want to know. 
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connections are built-in. 

In addition to all the standard features, the Nest Audio offers a 75% louder speaker, and a 50% better base than its predecessor, the Google Home. 

So it is safe to say that the sound has really improved. The Nest Audio can now fill the room with top-notch sound, so whether you are listening to your favorite album, a podcast, the news, sports updates, or anything else you enjoy for entertainment, you will be able to hear it loud and clear.

It’s important to note that many consumers report that the Nest Audio, while being a great option for a little speaker, will certainly not replace your home entertainment center when it comes to listening at top volumes. 

Also, they have improved the microphone. The Nest Audio now has three far-field microphones built-in, so your voice commands will be heard no matter what. 

The Nest Audio is also proud to support Chromecast, all you need to do is sign in to use it.

So there really are quite a few special features that make this device worth the $100 price point, even if it isn’t battery operated. 

What Are the Downsides of Google Nest Audio?

When you really break it down, there are not very many downsides to the Nest Audio. Compared to other smart home hubs, the speaker is good, but not great, the microphones work well, but not impeccably, and the Google Assistant is a fantastic asset. 

The fact that the Google Nest Audio has no internal battery, meaning that it is not portable and will not work at all without being connected to a power source is really the only real disadvantage. 

Now, if you simply cannot live without a smart speaker that has an internal battery, there is an option for you. 

Which Smart Speakers Do Have an Internal Battery?

The reality is that there is only one company that provides smart speakers that have batteries: the Sonos speakers

Of course, Sonos speakers have their own long list of pros and cons, but if you are really looking for a portable smart hub, they are your only option, neither Amazon nor Goolgle has been able to create one yet. 

Final Thoughts

Smart home speakers are pretty amazing machines. Consumers around the world have become infatuated with these tiny, seamlessly invisible devices that can control your entire home, play your favorite audio entertainment, give sports and news updates, read out recipes, and so much more, all with just your voice! 

The Nest Audio is certainly a fan favorite, and it has every feature that every other smart hub is offering and several extras. 

The exception of course is that it does not have a battery, however, most smart speakers don’t, so as long as you have a power outlet in your home, and most of us do, you won’t notice this deficiency at all.