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Does the Google Home Hub Work with Ring Doorbell

Last Updated Feb 1, 2020
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Protecting homes with technology is becoming increasingly popular as the years go on. Homeowners are leaning toward video doorbells to be able to watch their homes and who visits them while they are away. The Ring doorbell has become a popular option in making smart homes safer and what users want to know is if the Google Home Hub can work with the Ring doorbell.

Does the Google Home Hub with the Ring Doorbell? Yes, the Google Home Hub works with the Ring doorbell. Ring doorbell allows a user to watch from their smartphones and tablets and now is controlled by voice with Google Home Hub.

Being able to watch the video feed, remotely, that keeps a home safe, makes the user feel much safer. Ring doorbell has a lot to offer its users, in terms of safety,  and linking it with the Google Home Hub makes it much more manageable. Read on to find out how Ring works with the Google Home Hub, the benefits of the Ring doorbell, and how to install and set-up.

Installing Ring Doorbell

Installing Ring doorbell is incredibly easy and users can choose which way they would like to do the installation. There is a more popular method, that is much quicker, or there is a longer, wired method that takes a little bit of time, but will secure the doorbell to the home, for the most part. 

There is no right or wrong choice on which way the installation should be done, however, most people choose the powered method over the wired method. The installation of the powered option is simple and easy. Just place the rechargeable battery in and mount the doorbell using the brackets. However, the wired option is a little more detailed for installation.

Wired Installation instructions

  1. Remove the existing doorbell
  2. Mount the Ring doorbell brackets
  3. Connect the doorbell wires
  4. Place the Ring doorbell in brackets
  5. Tighten the screws for security

Overall, there are more steps in the wired installation process but it is still userfriendly and easy to set up, for anyone doing the installation. Be sure to mount your Ring at the right height too so it captures everything. Chest height is a good reference on where to mount it.

Connecting Google Home and Ring Doorbell

Google Home Hub

In order to get started, the user must first connect Google Home and Ring doorbell. In order to connect the two devices together, there are a few simple steps that need to be followed.

  • Launch the Google Home app
  • Press Add → set-up new device
  • Follow on-screen instructions the device will share
  • Press Allow → Done
  • Launch the Google Home app, again
  • Press home → Doorbell → Settings → Name
  • Give the doorbell a name → Save

Once the doorbell and Google Home are paired, the user may start using the device. At this point, the user will be able to see, speak, and hear the person on the other side of the doorbell, on their front porch. The user can access these benefits either within the home or remotely, from anywhere, where their mobile application has a data connection.

How Does Google Home Hub Work with Ring Doorbell

Smarthomes are becoming increasingly popular across the world and people are wanting the best safety practices for their families, homes, and businesses. That is why everyone is starting to use video doorbells. The video doorbells allow a user to access their front doors and speak to guests, even if they are not home. So how does the Google Home Hub actually work with the Ring doorbell?

As soon as the two devices are connected, following the steps above, you can start using your Ring doorbell with Google home. At this point, the doorbell is already set up and you can access video, voice, and sound, right from your mobile application, but what does the Google Home actually do in this case?

In order to talk to Google, the commands are, “Hey Google, talk to ring,” or, “Hey Google, ask Ring,” and then continue with the commands listed below.

Commands and Actions

  • Turn motion alerts on or off
  • Turn Ring alerts on or off
  • When was the last time the doorbell rang?
  • Start recording video
  • What is the status of the doorbell?

By asking Google what the status of the doorbell is, users will receive a report on connectivity, battery life, and more. What is so great about this is that users will not have to watch their doorbells for low batteries, enter into the mobile app to manage the doorbell, and learn if anything is wrong with the device. Staying safe has never been easier!

Does Ring Doorbell Require a Wireless Connection

Like most technology, WiFi is required in order for the devices to work properly and that is just what the Ring doorbell needs to function. In fact, this device will not work at all, without an active wireless connection. 

Once the doorbell is installed on the home, the doorbell will need to be connected to WiFi in order to start streaming live video, using sound and speaking with guests at the front door. Connecting the device is very easy and can be done within the mobile application.

Connecting Ring to WiFi

In order to get started with connecting Ring to WiFi, the doorbell will need to be placed in, “set-up mode.” To place the doorbell in set-up mode, the user will have to hold and press down the orange button on the back of the Video Ring doorbell. If the light on the front of the doorbell is spinning, it is successfully in set-up mode.

Once in set-up mode, the device will walk the user through the steps, up until the WiFi step. Once at the point where WiFi is ready to be connected, the doorbell will ask the user to chose their home network. Once the home network is selected, the doorbell will be successfully connected to WiFi. 

If you ever need to reset your WiFi that your Ring is using, check out our helpful post here too to learn more.

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