Does the Google Home Have an Aux Input?

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Everyone’s favorite technology company, Google has created an advanced line of smart home products that are beneficial to individuals and families alike. What makes them so great is that Google Home devices are compatible with many other smart products that allow you to seamlessly integrate the devices in your home. And although these devices are speakers, they have the power to do so much more. But let’s start with the speaker features for now.

Does the Google Home have an aux input? Only the Google Home Max comes with an aux port. Other devices like the Google Home Smart Speaker and Google Home Mini do not have this connectivity.

Read on to learn more about connecting an aux cord to your Google device, as well as some alternative tips to play media through your Google Home.

Can I Plug in an Aux Cord to My Google Home Device?

Depending on which version of the Google Home you have, you may or may not be able to connect an aux cord. The Google Home Max is the only Google Home device that comes with an aux input. This allows you to play media from various devices like your laptop, phone, CD player, or vinyl record player on your smart speaker. While your device is connected to another device via an auxiliary cord, you can still use your Google Assistant while you listen to this audio.

To use this feature on the Google Home Max, simply plug in an auxiliary cord to your smart speaker’s aux port. Connect that cord to whatever device you’d like to play audio from. Then, press play on the media device. For the best listening experience, turn the volume all the way up on your media device. Then, you can control the volume settings through your Google Home.

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If you experience any issues hearing your media on your Google Home, setup is simple. Say the voice command, “Ok Google, switch to aux.” That should make sure the media starts playing on your Google Home Max. The smart device is designed to check for a signal from anything you plug in. Thus, it will automatically switch to aux as long as nothing else is playing or casting.

Can I Create an Aux Port on My Google Home Mini?

There is no aux input on the traditional Google Home Smart Speaker or the Google Home Mini. However, there are some ways you can “hack” the system to create your own aux input. If you decide to take this route, err on the side of caution when opening up and messing around with your device. If you’re not as tech-savvy as the creators of this hack, try some of these alternatives below.

Other Ways to Play Music on Your Google Home

Pair Your Google Home to Your Smartphone via Bluetooth

If you want to listen to music, audiobooks, or podcasts on your Google Home Smart Speaker, you can simply connect your smartphone to your Google Home device via Bluetooth.

  1. In the Google Home app, find the device you want to pair with Bluetooth.
  2. Tap Settings, then find Paired Bluetooth Devices and enable Pairing Mode.
  3. In your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings, turn on Bluetooth.
  4. Tap on the name of the Google Home you’d like to pair with.

You can also pair your devices with your voice by saying, “Ok Google, Connect to Bluetooth.” Once the pairing is complete, you can play music from your phone that will play on your Google Home speaker.

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Pair Your Google Home with Your Bluetooth Speaker

The lack of an aux port on certain Google Home devices can pose some issues to users who already have a speaker system they’d like to use in their home. An alternative—yet simple—solution is to connect your Bluetooth speaker system to your Google Home device.

  1. Make sure your Bluetooth speaker is in pairing mode.
  2. In the Google Home app, tap Devices.
  3. Find the Google Home device you’d like to pair with your Bluetooth speaker.
  4. Go to the menu and tap Settings. Then, select Default Music Speaker.
  5. Select Pair Bluetooth speaker.
  6. Tap the speaker you want to pair.
  7. Select Done.

Once these steps are complete, any media you command your Google Home to play will output through the connected speaker you chose.

What Else Can You Connect with Google Home?

Google has released a line of products that are changing the smart home game. Their Google Home products are able to seamlessly integrate with many different types of smart home technology, allowing you to control them all with your voice through the Google Assistant. It’s a great advancement in smart home technology, and it’s time for you to explore the possibilities and grow the ways you connect with your home.

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