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Does the Fire TV Cube Work with Plex

Last Updated Nov 18, 2021
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Plex is a service that allows you to stream your media content on any device. From personal media on your server to on-demand movies, TV shows, podcasts, music, and more, you can enjoy it all in one app and on any device. But what if you have an Amazon Fire TV? Can Plex be used with the Fire TV Cube?

Plex and the Amazon Fire TV Cube are perfectly compatible. All you have to do is ensure that you have a media server set up, sign up for a Plex account, and install the app on your device.

Plex is a great media player for all your devices. If you have an Amazon Fire TV and you’re wondering about its compatibility with Plex, this article is for you. We will share everything you need to know about how to set up Plex on your Amazon Fire TV. So, let’s get this show on the road. Shall we?

Is Plex Compatible with Fire TV?

As a media streaming service, Plex offers many advantages over competitors like Google Play and Netflix. The company’s software allows you to stream content from your computer or mobile device onto other devices in your home – including TVs. 

As a result, many people have been wondering which devices Plex supports. For Fire TV Cube users, the question of whether Plex is compatible with the Fire TV Cube has been a subject of interest. The good news is that Plex can be used on Amazon Fire TV. 

How Do I Install Plex on Fire Cube?

Before you attempt to install Plex on Fire Cube, you need to ensure you have a Plex account. To create one:

  1. Go to on your computer or mobile and click Sign Up.
  2. You can sign up using your existing Google, Facebook, or Apple credentials. Alternatively, create a new account using your email address.
  3. After signing in successfully, you can buy one of the Plex Pass plans for added benefits. The plans include:
  • A monthly package at $4.99
  • A yearly package at $39.99 and 
  • A lifetime subscription at $119.99 

Note: You may continue without a Plex Pass and still enjoy plenty of features

Installing Plex on Fire Cube

Once you’ve created a Plex account, the next step is to install the Plex app on your Fire TV Cube and register it with your account. Plex is available on the Amazon App Store. So follow the steps below to install it onto your device:

  1. Select find and locate the FireStick Search option on the home screen in the middle.
  2. Type in Plex in the search bar and search to find it in the results. Alternatively, hold down the Alexa button on your remote to use the voice command.
  3. Locate the Plex app icon in the Apps & Games section and click it.
  4. Next, click Get (or if you have downloaded it before, click Download instead)
  5. Wait for the Plex app to download and install on Fire Cube
  6. Click Open to run Plex once it is installed. Once you click “open”, you’ll see a screen prompting you to sign up for a Plex account through the website or sign in if you already have one. Click on “Sign In.”
  7. Activate your Fire TV device for Plex access. After signing in, you should see a code and a link on your screen. Visit the link — — using your web browser via your computer or your phone. Note that you need to be signed in to your Plex account on this device for the link to work. Next, enter the code you see on your screen and click on “Link” to activate Plex on your Amazon Fire TV device. After this, you should see a green checkmark confirming the activation.
  8. Start streaming Plex. Locate the Plex app on your Fire TV device to start streaming. Once you get on the home screen, you’ll see some free content neatly sorted into categories such as movies, news, podcasts, TV shows and web shows. There are also recommended shows and titles under each category listed. Choose what you want to watch and start streaming Plex on your Amazon Fire TV device.

Wrapping Up

If you were wondering if Plex is compatible with Fire TV, it definitely is. All you need to do is pay for the premium version of Plex and link your account on Amazon (if you haven’t already). After that, simply install the app on your device and start streaming movies, shows whatever content you want without any restrictions!

You can also use Plex without a subscription. However, you can only access a limited number of channels and have to deal with ad breaks. It is also possible that the content you want to watch isn’t available on Plex without a subscription.

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