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Does the Fire TV Cube Have Bluetooth?

Last Updated Jul 9, 2022
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Amazon’s Fire TV Cube is a hybrid of a device – it is a mashup of the Amazon Echo Dot and (older) Amazon Fire TV stick. Being one of the most powerful Fire TV streaming media players, it allows you to put down the remote and dive straight into your favorite movies with your voice. However, you may want to connect some devices via Bluetooth, but can you?

You are able to connect your Amazon Fire TV Cube to compatible Bluetooth headphones, speakers, keyboards, mouses, and video game controllers. However, Bluetooth connections to mobile phones are not currently supported on Fire TV Cube.

Connecting your devices is relatively easy. Read on to learn more about connecting your compatible Bluetooth devices.

Do All Bluetooth Devices Work with Fire TV Cube?

No, not all Bluetooth devices work with your Fire TV Cube. Currently, Amazon does not have connection features to mobile phones and certain soundbars. You will need to check your device to make sure it is compatible.

Do All Fire Tv Cubes Have Bluetooth?

Amazon Fire TV Cube has two generations. The first generation was released in June 2018 whereas the 2nd generation Fire TV Cube was released Oct 2019. Both generations have the same Bluetooth 4.2 + LE features.

What Do I Do If Bluetooth Isn’t Working on My Fire TV Cube?

There are two things you can do to if your Bluetooth isn’t working. The first is to check the devices Bluetooth connection via the home screen. If that device is not under the Bluetooth connection screen, you will need to add it. Second, is restarting the device. To do this press and hold the Action button for 10 seconds to shut off the device. Then, press it again to restart.

How to Pair Bluetooth Devices with the Fire TV Cube

Fire TV cube has the most Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), which is on most standard Bluetooth devices, like compatible Bluetooth headphones, that you can buy today. By connecting your headphones, you will be able to enjoy private listening of your favorite movies and TV shows as well as the obvious Amazon Music through your prime account.

Depending on the model of your Amazon device, you are able to connect directly as the newer models of the Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV Cube allow you to connect one pair of Bluetooth headphones to it.

To set up your Bluetooth headphones to your device, follow these steps:

  1. Select Settings from the Home Screen.
  2. Tap down, scroll to the right.
  3. Select Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.
  4. Select Other Bluetooth Devices.
  5. Select Add Bluetooth Devices.
  6. Turn on your Bluetooth headphones and set them to discoverable.
  7. Select Your Bluetooth headphones to finalize connection.

Will a Bluetooth Soundbar Work with Fire TV Cube?

With Alexa on Fire TV Cube, you can control IR-enabled sound bars that are connected to your TV. For optimal performance, connect your soundbar to the TV with an HDMI or optical cable. Alexa cannot control your sound bar if it is paired to your Fire TV Cube via Bluetooth.

You cannot sync your phone or other audio players to the Fire TV Cube via Bluetooth, like you can with Echo devices. This means you cannot play music through the Fire TV Cube’s internal speaker or the home theater equipment it is connected to, from an external source, like a phone.

Can I Use My Fire TV Cube as a Bluetooth Speaker?

You cannot sync your phone or other audio players to the Fire TV Cube via Bluetooth, like Amazon’s echo devices – which means you cannot play music through the Fire TV Cube’s internal speaker or the home theater equipment it is connected to, from an external source, like a phone.

However, the Fire TV Cube does support the same Bluetooth capabilities as other Fire TV models, so you can connect Bluetooth headphones for private listening, or Bluetooth peripherals, like gamepads, keyboards, and mouses, to use to control the Fire TV Cube.

How to Use Devices as Remote via Bluetooth

In some cases, you may want to use your keyboard, mouse, or video game controller in place of your remote as you may use those more than the normal remote. This is possible using the Bluetooth feature on your Amazon Fire Cube. However, you will first need to connect your device. Follow these steps to connect your devices

Before getting started, locate the remotes for the devices you’re connecting to Fire TV.

To connect your devices:

  1. Go to Settings on your Fire TV.
  2. Select Equipment Control.
  3. Select Manage Equipment.
  4. Select Add Equipment and choose the equipment you’d like to add.


Amazon Fire TV Cube has many wonderful features like Alexa to control your TVs wants and needs. Using Alexa or your compatible Bluetooth devices as a remote is one of the few ways to use the Bluetooth feature.