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Does the Fire HD 8 Have Wireless Charging?

Last Updated Jun 25, 2022

The Amazon Fire HD 8 comes with many features that make it drastically different from the tablets that came before it. Many people buy it for the extra color options or the better-quality front-facing camera. Many people wonder about the charging with the new tablet as well. 

With Amazon’s Wireless Charging Dock, you can wirelessly charge your Amazon Fire 8 HD. The charging dock does not come with the tablet, so you will need to purchase it separately. It offers fast charging, and you can do away with annoying cords. 

You might be wondering if the wireless dock is worth the extra money or if you should just use the cord. We will go over some helpful tips in this article to help you decide as well as discuss what other features make the Amazon Fire HD 8 different from other tablets. 

Are Amazon Fire Tablets Wireless Charging?

Not all Amazon Fire tablets offer wireless charging. Amazon Fire HD 8 is the only Fire tablet that offers wireless charging. For all the other tablets, you will need to use the cable that comes with the tablet to charge the device. Keep in mind the older tablets also use the micro-USB charger while the new HD 8 uses a USB-C for charging. 

This is just one of the ways that the Amazon Fire HD 8 is different from the other tablets sold by Amazon. Here are some of the main ways the new HD 8 is better:

  • New chipset with 2GHz and better graphics 
  • 3 GB of RAM 
  • Outperforms the 2018 tablet by 50%
  • Has a battery life of over 17 hours 
  • Better for gaming on apps and the web
  • Wireless charging 

With all these amazing upgrades, you can see why many people are excited about the tablet and are looking to upgrade from their older models. As mentioned above though, you have to have the wireless charging dock to actually use the wireless charging feature. 

You might be wondering if buying the dock is worth it since it doesn’t come with the tablet purchase and it’s an extra burden to the wallet. 

Should I Buy the Amazon Wireless Charging Dock? 

The Amazon Wireless Charging Dock allows you to simply stick your tablet onto the dock. You don’t have to fuss with cables. It also allows you to more easily see the screen while the tablet is charging rather than having to hold it while it’s plugged in. 

There are some complaints when it comes to the wireless charging dock though. For one, it doesn’t have a sleek and modern design. It looks like an awkward wedge and might not look the best sitting on your desk or nightstand. It also only comes in a few colors which might not match well the design or items you already have. 

While Amazon will tell you that you have to use the Amazon Wireless Charging dock with the tablet, this isn’t necessarily true. It uses the Qi wireless charging standard which is the same system that all third-party wireless chargers use. You can easily find a wireless charging dock that is cheaper. 

Some of the bestsellers on Amazon include:

You can also use one you already have in your house if you do wireless charging for other devices that you already own. If you don’t already own a wireless charger, you can choose any brand or design that suits your needs as long as it uses Qi technology, which most do. 

What Tablets Can Be Charged Wirelessly? 

Along with the Amazon HD 8, there are other tablets that can be wirelessly charged so you don’t need to fool with cables. Tablets that can wirelessly charge are still pretty rare though. Here are some examples:

If you would like to learn more about Fire HD tablets, check out this article.

Is it Worth it to Have a Wireless Charging Tablet?

This all depends on your personal technology needs. Some people really want a wireless charging tablet because they can simply put the tablet on the charging station instead of needing to search for a cable. You can also still see the screen when it’s on the dock which allows you to continue reading, looking at recipes, or whatever else you were doing. 

However, wireless charging tablets are often a little more expensive and don’t come with a wireless charging dock. Overall, you will need to spend more money on these capabilities.

Final Thoughts 

The Amazon Fire HD 8 has many upgraded features including wireless charging. You will also get better screen quality and more memory for storage. Make sure you get the wireless dock that’s sold separately and get one that’s QI compatible.

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