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Does The Fire HD 10 Tablet Have A SIM Card Slot?

Last Updated Jul 7, 2022

The Amazon Fire HD 10 is Amazon’s competitive answer to Apple’s ever-popular, in some cases overly ubiquitous, iPad. Although it may not be an iPad and definitely won’t satisfy the Apple fanboys, it does stand as an honest entry into the tablet arena. Also, at $149 for the 32GB and $189 for the 64 GB version, it is just as much bang for a lot less buck than an iPad.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 does not have a SIM card slot. The Fire HD 10 is a WiFi-only enabled device. This means you will need a WiFi connection to connect it to the internet. It does have a MicroSD expandable storage slot for upgrading the storage capacity of the Fire HD 10 tablet.

Even though the Fire HD 10 doesn’t have a SIM card slot, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have options and isn’t worth buying. While you may not be able to get cell service to the device, it is a much more affordable tablet than one with a SIM card slot. It also boasts as much internal processing and performance as its more expensive brethren. It is in no way a lesser tablet.

How to Connect Fire HD 10 Tablet to WiFi

Connecting the Amazon Fire HD 10 to WiFi is simple, especially if you use an Android operating system, as there will not be much difference. Just follow these simple steps, and you will be connected in no time:

  1. Open your WiFi settings from the home screen
  2. Tap the WiFi icon and make sure it is enabled
  3. Select the network and then Connect. A password will be required if there’s a lock symbol next to it.
  4. You should see a symbol in the upper bar indicating it is connected to WiFi.

You should now be connected to the internet. You can do many more things from here with your Fire HD 10 tablet. However, there isn’t WiFi everywhere, so what do you do?

What to Do If You Aren’t Around WiFi

If you aren’t around WiFi or don’t have access to a private one, it is usually easy to find a public WiFi that doesn’t require a password. Restaurants and coffee shops are great places to find free easy-to-access internet. The only thing to be aware of is that if you don’t require a password, neither does anyone else. That means anyone could be watching you.

If you decide to get on public WiFi, ensure you aren’t accessing anything sensitive or entering any personal or banking information. It is very easy to watch the traffic on public wireless networks; almost trivial. It would be best served if you had a personal hotspot on your phone or just saved data to use later to a MicroSD expandable storage card.

Don’t underestimate how much space one terabyte is. The average YouTube video is about 12 minutes long. A 720p video takes up about 5 MB, and a 1080p video takes up about 20 MB per minute of video. That means the average YouTube video in 720p is about 60 MB and 240 MB in 1080p.

You can save over 4,000 1080p YouTube videos to a 1TB MicroSD card to watch later. If you were ok with 720p, you just quadrupled your episodes to over 16,000. That’s over a hundred days of YouTube videos on a card the size of a thumbnail, and you can carry as many of those as you want. 

Another thing you can do if you’re not around WiFi is to access content through your TV.

No SIM, No Problem

Indeed, you won’t have access to cell service on a Fire HD 10 tablet because it lacks a SIM card slot, but it does have a MicroSD slot and WiFi, which might make up for its mobile shortcomings.

With a MicroSD card such as the SanDisk 1TB Extreme microSDXC UHS-1, you can have up to a terabyte of storage space. 

For just over $350, you can have a powerful tablet with over 1TB of storage, and that’s just one MicroSD card. If you were to get one of that 1 TB or 2TB iPads, that is all the storage you get. With an expandable MicroSD slot, you are limited only by what size card is available – which is growing all the time. Also, you can buy multiple cards.

You could have a 1TB card that is nothing but HD movies. Another 1TB card that is nothing but music. Another is books, documents, or images. Anything you can save to a tablet can be saved to your expandable storage. You can swap out the MicroSD cards at will, so your storage space is limited only by how many MicroSD cards you are willing to purchase.


Amazon Fire HD 10 might not be an Apple iPad, but that is ok. A similar-sized iPad is twice the price and doesn’t offer much more functionality, if any. The Amazon Fire HD 10 is a grand device capable of great things if given a chance. Anyone could find a use for one.

The MicroSD expandable storage slot alone is worth the price of purchase. With all the storage you would have access to, you won’t even notice you don’t have the internet because you could download it and take it on the go. Did you know you can download whole wiki articles?