Does The Fire HD 10 Have HDMI Output (and Things to Consider)


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Do you have long commutes or travel often? Have you ever been away from home and wanted to watch your favorite movie or read your favorite e-book? Well, now you can, and, in style. The new Fire HD 10 will allow you to do that and more. It is lightweight, weighing in at only 16.4 ounces, and has a screen size of 10.1”, which is perfect for viewing anything on the go.

Unfortunately, the Fire HD 10 does not have an HDMI port. However, there are a lot of other great features that it has that will still allow you to have a great user experience.

From its cool color selection to its 2 MegaPixel front-facing and 5 MegaPixel back-facing camera, the Fire HD 10 has a lot of great features that will allow you to enjoy using it whether you are surfing the internet or listening to your favorite playlist. It also has 12 hours of battery power so that you can be entertained all day long!

Core Power

Although the tablet is small it is still powerful. It has 3 gigabytes of RAM and an Octa-core 2.0 GHz CPU. The tablet does not come with an HDMI port but instead comes with a USB-C (2.0) port for charging.

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Sound Quality

Worried about the sound quality? Well don’t be. It comes with Dolby Atmos sound and Bluetooth capability so that you can attach your favorite bluetooth speaker to it.

Just in case you can’t use a Bluetooth speaker there is always the option of using its 3.5mm stereo jack with its built-in dual integrated speakers so that you can have a clear crisp listening experience.


Now you want to purchase a brand new fire HD 10 but have no idea which color to pick. Well, don’t fret, there’s a handful of colors to choose from. Whether you like the color denim, black, lavender, or olive, the Fire HD 10 has a color for you and every one of your friends and family members.


Not only does the tablet have different color options but it also has size options. It comes in two sizes, 32 gigabytes for the streamer who doesn’t store much on their tablet or 64 gigabytes for those that love to use a lot of apps.

It’s best to pick the larger of the two sizes if you like to store a lot of photos and videos on your tablet. If you’re only going to have one or two photos or apps it is best to get the smaller size. Another thing to consider when picking a size is how long you plan to keep the tablet before updating to a new one. 


The longer you keep the tablet the more updates it will go through and the more space the updates will use from your available storage space. That means if you keep it longer then you will have less room for apps and photos because the updates can take up a lot of space.

If you keep it for a shorter amount of time then you will have fewer updates that take up your storage space and you will have more room for photos and apps.

Micro SD Card Compatibility

It’s good to note that the tablet can have up to an additional 1 terabyte of storage space if a micro sd card is used with it. This extra space can not be used for updates but can be used for photos, videos, and some apps. In some instances, the micro sd card may need to be specially formatted for it to be able to store apps. The micro sd card must be purchased separately.

Make sure to read the instructions to properly format the micro SD card. 

Is the Fire HD 10 Climate Pledge Friendly?

If you want to be environmentally friendly while purchasing electronics then you’ve chosen the right product. The Fire HD 10 is Climate Pledge Friendly and certified by Amazon’s Compact By Design. 

Compact by design certifies products that are sustainable to the environment when they meet certain standards which help reduce their carbon footprint. The tablet is energy efficient, carrying the energy star certification and is made with consumer recycled plastic.


Even though the Google Play Store isn’t available and there is no HDMI port there are clearly other good features that the Fire HD 10 has to make owning it an enjoyable experience. On top of all the great features, it is one of the more affordable tablets on the market and is worth every penny.

It is perfect for a young child to play learning games on or for a college student who needs to carry around their e-books to study. It is also great for video chatting and keeping in contact with your friends and family members. No matter what age you are, the Fire HD 10 tablet has a use for you!

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