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Does the Eufy Doorbell Need a Battery? How Long Does the Battery Last?

Last Updated Jul 9, 2022
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While shopping around for a new smart home security system, the last thing you want to trouble yourself with is constantly changing or recharging batteries. When comparing the Eufy doorbell to its competitors, like Ring and Arlo, you may have questions about whether the device needs a battery––and if so, how long will the battery last.

Some models of the Eufy doorbell need batteries, while others do not. If you opt for the battery-operated model, the device is intended to last for at least 120 days, depending on how often it is activated. The wired model, however, is intended to last a lifetime.

Eufy doorbell’s suite of customizable settings gives you control over how long the battery lasts. You can even check within the app to see what percentage it is at. Read on to learn more about these devices and how you can get the most out of your doorbell.  

Does the Eufy Doorbell Require Batteries?

The wireless Eufy doorbell will come with a battery. The manufacturer says that when they tested the device, it lasted for four months when capturing 30, 10-second events a day.

The device comes with a micro-USB cable that you can use to charge the doorbell’s battery. Simply detach the doorbell from its wall mount. From there, you can turn the product over and plug in the cable. The Eufy doorbell will have reached its full charge after six hours.

How to Extend the Life of Your Eufy Doorbell Battery

If you are concerned about conserving your Eufy doorbell’s battery life, there are some things you could do to make it last longer.

Assess Device Location

Earlier, we mentioned that your device’s battery life would depend on a few factors. One of those factors is location. Heavy-traffic areas will trigger the motion sensor more often, compelling the doorbell to capture more events. Low-traffic areas, however, will not trip the sensor and conserve more battery life.

Some heavy-traffic areas that may quickly drain your Eufy’s doorbell battery include:

  • The front door, especially if your house faces a busy street
  • The side of your residence
  • Your backyard, especially if you have a pool or deck

In addition, the device is designed to be weather-resistant throughout all four seasons. However, extreme hot or cold temperatures could have an adverse effect on its battery life and internal function as well.

Going in the App and Selecting “Optimal Battery Life”

When you select this setting, the device will make small adjustments to how long it records certain events.

According to the app, when the user selects optimal battery life: “The system automatically adjusts the detection period to reduce the chances of detecting the same object twice within a short period” (Source: Reddit).  

This feature is designed to cut down on the likelihood of “false alarms.”

Adjust the Doorbell’s Detection Range

You can control the Eufy doorbell’s detection range. To do this, you need to:

  1. Go into the Eufy security app.
  2. Go to “Doorbell Settings.”
  3. Select “Motion Detection.”

From there, you can make alterations to the device’s sensitivity levels. You can also draw the doorbell’s “Activity Zone.” Here, you can draw the areas in which you want your doorbell to monitor.

Limit the Activity Zone to the areas close to your residence. Do not include sidewalks, streets, or other people’s houses, as this will send you frequent notifications.

Adjust the Motion Detection Feature

To conserve your Eufy doorbell’s battery life, you can set the product to one of two settings. These include:

  • All Motion. This feature is designed for people who want to be notified every time something triggers the motion sensor.  
  • Human Only. The Eufy doorbell uses artificial intelligence to discern between human and non-human motion. So, with this feature, you will only be notified when a person comes to the door or enters the activity zone.

However, for safety purposes, the device will change back to its “All Motion” setting at night.

Wired Eufy Models Do Not Require Batteries

If you have a traditional doorbell set-up in your house, you could install the wired Eufy doorbell in its place. With the appropriate wiring, you would not need to charge this device. Instead, it would get its charge from the wires that previously powered your other doorbell.

Installing the device is easy. Eufy provides step-by-step instructions to implement the doorbell. There are also videos available on Amazon and YouTube that could provide insight into what measures could help you hook up your device.

Final Thoughts

In short, the Eufy doorbell needs a battery, but this only applies to the wireless model. The wired Eufy doorbell does not require a battery to operate since it connects to your existing doorbell’s wiring for power.  

You have complete control over how quickly your device’s battery life lasts. If you have any questions about the Eufy doorbell’s battery life, you can read more about it here.

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