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Does the Amazon Smart Thermostat Work With Ring?

Last Updated May 2, 2022

Bringing home a new Amazon Smart Thermostat is exciting. Not only will it replace your old and outdated thermostat, but it will also provide you with more advanced features. These features are a real-time-saver, especially when used with a smart app. New Amazon smart thermostat owners often wonder, though, does the Amazon Smart Thermostat work with Ring?

The Amazon Smart Thermostat does not work with the Ring app because it is incompatible. The Amazon Smart Thermostat works with the Amazon Alexa app only. Through the Amazon Alexa app, users can adjust the temperature and view the current settings of each connected thermostat.

Some users may find this information disheartening, especially if they are hardcore Ring enthusiasts. Do not fret; this article will cover how the Amazon Alexa app works and whether or not the Amazon Smart thermostat works with other Ring accessories.

Using the Amazon Alexa App

The Amazon Alexa app is a great tool to keep track of all of your smart home devices. It can track devices like the Echo, different lighting kits, smart plugs, TVs, and so much more. It is a convenient hub that gives you access to all your smart tools in one easy smart. This app also gives users the ability to customize it for easier access based on personal preference. 

Once you have it installed on your phone, some things you can do are:

  • Guided installation through the Alexa app.
  • Track and manage the HVAC usage in your home.
  • Control the temperature in your home remotely.
  • Allow the Alexa app to take control of your temperature.

Here’s how to set up the Alexa App:

  1. Download the Amazon Alexa app on your phone
  2. Create an Amazon account if you do not have one or sign in to an existing amazon account
  3. Tap the menu button. It is three parallel vertical lines.
  4. Select Routines. This feature allows you to create a series of routines with Alexa so that the device will perform certain functions at specific times and in certain circumstances, such as turning on the lights, switching on the radio, turning up the heat, etc.
  5. Next, go to Reminders and Alarms. Set up recurring alarms or reminders that you rely on for day-to-day activities.
  6. Utilize Lists and Notes. This section is great for creating grocery lists, to-do lists, gift lists, and so much more. You can use voice commands to add to these.
  7. Add Skills and Games. There are hundreds of apps that use Amazon Alexa as a third-party service. You can access which apps are allowed to use the information for the best privacy and user experience.
  8. Update the Settings. In this section, users can update their profile, select their preferences and give the app an overall personalized touch. 

Personalizing an app can make the user experience much more seamless and efficient. This is a great benefit for all users trying to organize their homes and smart devices in one singular place.

Voice Commands Get Things Done

The Amazon Alexa App can control all of your compatible smart home devices. When you open the app, you can use it to give different products different voice commands. You have to say “Hey Alexa” followed by your command and watch the action happen. Some of the most popular commands you can use are:

  • Alexa, what is the temperature?
  • Alexa set the temperature on the first floor to…
  • Alexa, show me the [insert room name] camera
  • Alexa, turn on/off the TV
  • Alexa, dim the lights
  • Alexa, lock the door
  • Alexa, I’m leaving

There are hundreds of voice commands programmed into Alexa voice assistant products. These commands are helpful because they allow users to accomplish simple tasks without their hands-on assistance. They also help secure homes and provide details on important information going on around the world.

You will have to have your Amazon Smart Thermostat connected to the internet to access these features. There are some things you can do without the internet, however.

Alexa allows you to set up a sequence of actions triggered at specific times or conditions. You can use Alexa to turn on a light, turn on the TV, check security cameras and complete a wide range of other day-to-day tasks to make your life easier.

What Ring Accessories Work With the Amazon Smart Thermostat?

Ring is a popular smart home brand widely used in homes all over the United States. This security system and the smart home brand were one of the first brands to introduce the Amazon voice assistant into their products. This has made the product popular. 

Many Ring users swear by the brand and want to stay loyal so that they may have second thoughts about other items.

Luckily, the Amazon Smart Thermostat can be controlled through the same app as Ring products. The Amazon Alexa App can control both products. They just need to be paired, and the voice assistant option must be enabled. After this takes place, you can use voice commands through the Amazon Alexa App to control your devices in one simple location.

Temp Check

The Amazon Smart Thermostat is not compatible with the Ring app, but it can be used in tandem with other Ring products through the Amazon Alexa App. This is a great compromise because it allows multiple device brands to be used in on convenient space. Investing in this thermostat is absolutely worth it.