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Does The Amazon Smart Thermostat Work With A Heat Pump?

Last Updated Jul 27, 2022
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Bringing your home into the modern century is a real treat. There are so many devices you can utilize to monitor your home 24/7. These devices can range from smart cameras, smart garage door openers, and even smart thermostats. Before you purchase your smart home, one question may be, does the Amazon Smart Thermostat work with a heat pump?

The Amazon Smart Thermostat does work with a heat pump. It works with many different HVAC systems like heat pumps, radiant boilers, and forced air. As long as the HVAC system is 24 volt, it will likely pair and work well with the HVAC device.

Before you open up your Amazon app and purchase a new Amazon Smart Thermostat, it is important to continue to research the device so that you understand how to use it to its full potential. Read on to learn how to install the Amazon Smart Thermostat with a heat pump, what it will tell you about your heat pump, and where you can buy one.

Set Up Thermostat for Use With HVAC

Many users who buy a new Amazon Smart Thermostat think that setting it up with their HVAC system is completed. Luckily, it is not. 

When installing the thermostat, you just need to properly wire the thermostat to the HVAC wiring in the wall. If the wall does not have this wiring, then it will need to be upgraded by an electrician and HVAC technician.

Once the right wiring is in place, you can either have the electrician install the thermostat or do it yourself. When touching any electrical unit, it is important to turn off the power to the unit before beginning work. 

Electric shock can be fatal, and all safety precautions should be set forth before taking on any project involving electricity.

Checking Compatibility

It is important to look to see if your home is wired for a C-wire or can use an adapter kit to attach a thermostat that requires a C-wire to function. The Amazon Smart thermostats do need a C-wire or adapter kit to function. You can call a qualified electrician to verify this information or verify it yourself with these easy steps:

  1. Turn off the electricity via the circuit that is wired to your thermostat.
  2. Remove the faceplate from the thermostat that is attached to the wall currently.
  3. Look for something labeled C where the wires are connected. This is the C-wire connection.
  4. If there is a wire connected to it, it is compatible with C-wiring standards.
  5. If there is no wire connected to it, it may need an adapter.
  6. Double-check that extra wires aren’t capped in the back meant for this purpose.
  7. If there are no other wires, purchase the $15 C-adapter to install the Amazon Smart Thermostat.

If you are uncomfortable checking the status of your wiring, an electrician or handyman can help. They can also assist you in installing the new thermostat and disposing of the old one.

If you’ve already installed your Amazon Smart Thermostat and it’s not responding or won’t turn on, there are easy fixes for each problem.

It’s All in the Details

The Amazon Smart Thermostat is a budget option that is compatible with the Alexa voice assistant home experience. Although the thermostat does not have its own microphone, it can b controlled using an Echo or through an app on the phone. This makes it convenient for users to adjust the temperature anywhere in their home with a simple command.

Additionally, the thermostat uses what Amazon terms “hunches.” These hunches are a way that Amazon smart products use to tell whether a user is home or away and make necessary adjustments. If it senses a user is home, they could put up the heat in the winter or switch on the AC in the summer to make the home more tolerable.

However, it is important to note that the Amazon Smart thermostat does not have a native thermometer sensor. This means it does not know the temperature inside the house at any given moment. This can be seen as a disadvantage because it will not be able to adjust the heat on or off with the temperature; it will rely on human command and initial settings.

Grab it and Go

Many people are scooping this product up because of its affordable price and smart app capabilities. It is a good product for the price, and the smart technology is on par with many other smart products available today. Amazon sells the product right on their website. If you are a Prime member, you can benefit from free shipping and two-day delivery in many locations.

Smarter Home Smarter Life

Utilizing new technology is a great way to improve your quality of life within your home. Many new products are being released regularly, making life for homeowners everywhere even more convenient. Grabbing a new smart thermostat is a great way to enhance your home and enhance your life.

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