Does the ADT App Have a Panic Button?

4 Red Siren lights on the ground.4 Red Siren lights on the ground.

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Many people have ADT alarm systems installed in their homes. These systems usually come with a panic button on the control panel so that emergency personnel can be contacted quickly in an emergency. This feature also has the capability of being connected to your smartphone by an ADT app, which allows you to control your system’s features remotely.

The ADT app does not have a panic button built into it. There is a panic feature on the ADT main control panel, but you cannot contact the ADT monitoring center from the mobile app.

However, this does not mean you should discount ADT’s monitoring system. There are many great features to this system, and their pros far outweigh any cons.

Are There Panic Features on the ADT App?

There are, currently, no panic features on the ADT mobile app. With the mobile app, you can only control various features on your alarm system. For example, you can monitor your alarm system’s status, view cameras, and sensors and, with the proper equipment, lock and unlock your doors. You can also manage your lighting if you have smart lights.

Although there is no panic button on the ADT app, you can currently activate the panic button on your alarm system’s control panel or key fob.

Which ADT Devices Have a Panic Button?

ADT offers several devices with their services, and a couple of these devices have a panic button. These devices are connected to the alarm system but operate independently.

  • ADT offers a key fob that can connect to your alarm system. This device attaches to your keychain and enables you to arm and disarm your system within a specific range from your home, and has a panic button for emergencies. The panic button can be activated from anywhere but will alert as if the panic button on the main control panel had been activated, only alerting ADT to emergencies at your home address.
  • ADT also offers wearable panic devices. These devices can be used to alert ADT to an emergency when you’re not near your control panel or phone.

Other Options for Panic Button Functions

As well as those devices offered through ADT, there are numerous devices, usually billed as “emergency medical alerts,” that can offer similar functions. These will be worth looking into if you are looking for a wireless, trackable emergency alert device for you or a loved one. 

Whether you choose an ADT device, or one sold by another company, it would be beneficial to determine if it has two-way communication capabilities and GPS. These features will help ensure the right kind of help is coming as quickly as possible and to the right location.

What Happens When the ADT Panic Button Is Activated?

When an emergency strikes and you need to use your panic button, be it from the main panel or a wireless device, several things happen at once.

A notification is sent from your device to the central monitoring station responsible for your area. These monitoring stations can be in another state or in your city. When the monitoring station receives a distress signal from your alarm, they will attempt to call the phone numbers you have provided them to find out what the emergency is and what type of help you need.

  • If you’ve activated your fire emergency button on your main control panel, the local fire department for your area will be contacted, and fire units dispatched.
  • If you’ve activated your medical emergency button, an EMS center will be contacted, and an ambulance will be sent to your location.
  • If you activate the general panic alarm and ADT cannot reach you—and there is an emergency requiring police assistance—your local law enforcement agency will be contacted and dispatched to your home.
  • If a wearable wireless panic button has been activated and that device is equipped with GPS, a response team will be sent to your location based on GPS coordinates.

Final Thoughts

An emergency can happen anytime, anywhere. It is worth it to know that you are prepared when that emergency strikes.  With a little digging, you can find the best options that allow you to reach help when you are away from home or unable to get to a phone. Along with ADT and other alarm systems, there are independently sold wireless devices that help you feel safe no matter where you are.

Don’t take your safety for granted, and always be prepared.

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