Does Spectrum Have Wireless Cable TV Boxes?

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Cable television is quickly becoming a thing of the past, with streaming services taking over the world. There are many different subscription options to stream your favorite channels from the comfort of your home. One way is with a wireless cable tv box. Spectrum has become a trusted media company, offering great internet and television services. That’s why many people wonder, does Spectrum have a wireless cable TV Box? 

Spectrum does not offer a wireless cable TV box. If you subscribe to Spectrum Internet, however, you can subscribe to Spectrum TV. This wireless television service offers many great channels and a variety of on-demand content. 

Although Spectrum does not offer wireless cable boxes, they do offer a great wireless television service. Keep reading to learn all about it!

Does Spectrum Offer Wireless Cable TV Boxes? 

Currently, Spectrum does not offer users a wireless cable TV box. However, they do offer wireless television at an affordable rate. You can access their channels on many devices, including Roku TV boxes

Spectrum Internet subscribers can access Spectrum TV, Spectrum’s streaming service. Spectrum TV is an affordable option, allowing users to access both broadcast and music channels. You can choose your ten favorite streaming channels from the 65 they offer. They also offer another subscription level, where users pay an extra fee to access their five favorite premium channels. 

Is Spectrum TV a Good Choice?

Spectrum is a reputable company among their large user base. People trust Spectrum because they have a proven track record of great customer service and reliable offerings. This is part of why they decided to jump from being just an internet service provider to offering their clients easy access to streaming.

Spectrum offers a wide range of deals at prices their customers can afford. This television service is sure to offer users the same level of customer support as they have come to expect from Spectrum Internet. 

How to Get Spectrum TV 

Before you can be eligible to access Spectrum TV, you must first be a subscriber of Spectrum Internet. You need a Spectrum username and password to sign up for the subscription service. 

Unfortunately, anyone who uses another internet service provider does not have the option to sign up for only Spectrum’s television service. The low cost of their premium streaming services is a perk for their internet users, which is why anyone who uses another ISP will not have the option to sign up.

If you are truly committed to a Spectrum TV subscription, you could consider switching your ISP to Spectrum. They offer great deals on internet packages and are well-known for their reliable customer service. 

Channels You Can Access with the Regular Subscription 

As mentioned above, subscribing to Spectrum TV at a low monthly rate grants you access to broadcast channels, live music channels, and on-demand content. But, before signing up for Spectrum TV, many people wonder exactly what channels they can access.

Spectrum TV’s standard subscription allows you to choose your ten favorite streaming channels from a list of 65 available options. Just a few of these options include: 

  • CNN
  • ESPN 
  • Fox News
  • Disney Channel 
  • Comedy Central 
  • Cartoon Network 

Having the choice to pick all the channels you want to watch and none you do not allows for a more streamlined viewing experience. For example, if you don’t like watching the news, you can leave news channels out of your subscription and won’t have to skip past them while looking for something you want to watch. 

Channels You Can Access with Premium Spectrum TV 

For a slightly higher monthly fee, you can choose the premium Spectrum TV subscription. This subscription level gives you access to your ten favorite streaming channels, as well as five popular premium channels. These channels include:   

  • Starz 
  • HBO Max
  • Showtime
  • Starz Encore
  • The Movie Channel 

Spectrum TV’s Premium subscription is a great option if you really love the series and movies offered on these channels, which are currently some of the most popular worldwide.

Can You Record with Spectrum TV? 

Since you will not be using a Spectrum cable box to watch the channels you choose, there is no DVR storage for you to record programming on. However, Spectrum does offer the option to add a cloud DVR to your television service for an additional monthly fee. 

This feature allows you to record and store content on the Spectrum Cloud. Instead of rushing home to watch your favorite programs as they air, you can relax knowing your show is being recorded for you to watch whenever you’re ready.

Since these recordings are stored on the cloud, you also have more options regarding where to watch them. You can access your recordings on any device you have connected to Spectrum TV.

No Wireless Cable Box, but Great Wireless Television 

Currently, Spectrum does not offer a wireless cable box. However, they offer Spectrum Internet users the option to sign up for Spectrum TV to watch all the live and on-demand content they’d like at a great price. 

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