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Does Spectrum Have Cancellation Fees?

Last Updated Jul 18, 2022
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There comes a time when the internet will hinder everyday living. Perhaps there are too many devices online to keep in check. Maybe there’s an internet provider with better service at a cheaper cost or just wants to cut off their services. Since you might want to cancel your service, you might ask: are there cancellation fees with Spectrum?

Spectrum does not have cancellation fees, but they will be charged for the remaining time for the rest of the month. Other possible costs could show up when you cancel your Spectrum service.

It is a bit sad for some people who might not have any choice in the matter due to something outside their control. If one wants to avoid unwanted payments, there are a few ways to do so according to each Spectrum service and trial. Keep reading to learn what costs you could incur when canceling your Spectrum service.

Spectrum Cancellation Issues

Before, Spectrum had cancellation fees in the form of pro rata charges in which customers were only charged for what they ordered. Based on that, some might use more than what they initially paid for. As a result, they pay more than they can afford.

A new policy was implemented to avoid settled payment amounts that are not honored between the buyer and seller of the service. Spectrum created this new policy to avoid having those who would take advantage of the service avoid payments for data usage. 

Spectrum provides three different services: internet, cable, and phone. Each of these services comes with a one-month trial allowing the customer to see if they are satisfied with what is offered. Once the trial is over, they must pay their billing accordingly.

Canceling Cable, Internet, and Mobile the Right Way

Paying for subscriptions can be bothersome, especially when something prevents them from being used. It might be overworked at a job or home, too tired to enjoy a show, or have business out of town. It might get to a point where keeping such services will be a hassle. 

There will be an eventual choice to cancel the service. The main issue that needs to be addressed will be the cancellation fees that might come up. Spectrum does not give cancellation fees, but they do have you pay for the monthly subscription that has been used.

Monthly subscriptions are given a pay period the user would have to pay on a month-to-month basis without worrying about any pay increase. However, when the service is canceled before the next monthly payment, it will lead to paying for that month used. These services have certain criteria to have them removed.  

How to Cancel your Spectrum Plan

Canceling cable and internet services go hand and hand. If one is to get rid of either or both, a call to Spectrum must be issued. To do this, you will:  

  1. Call Spectrum and notify them that their services would no longer be required
  2. Tell them the date you’d like your services to end
  3. Find out about any unpaid balances you have to pay
  4. Return any rented equipment

In addition, depending on if one is a first-time user of Spectrum, they are offered a 30-day money-back guarantee. With this, new users can experience their services and see if they are willing to keep or end them. Customer service is available any time of day and night. 

Continue reading to learn more about what can occur when you cancel your Spectrum service. There are also some additional steps to canceling your service.

Unpaid Balance 

There will be a time when a payment might be missed. It can be either from a lack of funds, inability to access the Spectrum services in time, or just completely forgetting about it, assuming it’s paid for until a letter in the mail states otherwise. Late fees will be given to payments that are not made in time.

These fees will accumulate from each month that is missed. A customer has up to 62 days to pay any unpaid balance before any service on the account will be suspended. If a customer wants to reinstate their account, they will have to pay a reactivation fee on top of whatever is owed at the time.

Customers are encouraged to return the router and modem used for their internet/cable services if an account is suspended or canceled. Failure to do so will have the account be fined $200 in addition to any unpaid balance. There are other ways to avoid these issues when taking other options. 

If you use your own equipment, such as your router and modem, you do not need to return this.

Side Option: Hold Please

Another option is keeping an account with Spectrum while avoiding the hassle of monthly subscription and cancellation fees. The option of service holds can help spread out the subscription between months where the account will be placed on hold for the customer.

This Seasonal Status is guaranteed as it depends on the account holder’s current standing to see if they are eligible or not. To see if this is offered, one merely has to reach out to customer service and see how they can apply for this type of service.


Spectrum offers various services ranging from phone usage to internet services. With the new policy in play, there is no need to worry about cancelation fees should the need or desire to remove their services come up. A simple notification to their customer service, and the worry is over.

The only worry would be to avoid canceling the service before the next bill payment. While canceling the service is easy, it will be very troubling to remove it beforehand as the time still spent on it between the pay periods will be accumulated as scheduled.

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