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Does Spectrum Charge for Installation?

Last Updated Jul 16, 2022
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You’ve done your research and decided that Spectrum is the right internet service provider for you. You have a price quote for services, but now you are wondering if there will be any fees for installing those services. 

Spectrum may charge an installation fee depending on the services you are installing. These fees will often come with installing Internet connections and TV bundles. However, there are ways to avoid them if you know what to ask for.

Below, we will discuss which services Spectrum charges an installation fee for, which ones they don’t, and a few ways you can avoid installation fees. Keep reading to stay within your budget while still getting the necessary service!

Which Spectrum Installations Come with a Fee?

Spectrum offers many different services, from TV and internet to landline phones. However, the main services for which Spectrum charges an installation fee are TV bundle installations and internet installations. If you need a specialist to activate your WiFi, that will also come at a cost.

Spectrum also charges for the installation of certain equipment. You may incur this fee for integrating your router with Spectrum WiFi. Other than the integration fee on your wireless router and the monthly cost of renting a router from Spectrum, there are no equipment fees.

For the most part, Spectrum wants to keep things affordable for their customers. You will never be charged fees for canceling your service or exceeding a data limit. This is one of the greatest perks of choosing Spectrum over other providers.

Ways to Avoid Spectrum Installation Fees

Although Spectrum’s installation fees are relatively affordable and don’t come in the form of recurring payments, some people wish to avoid them altogether. Try one or more of the following tips if you’d like to forego installation fees while setting up your Spectrum services.  

  • Choose a self-install kit
  • Use your own router
  • Negotiate with the retention team

Any one of these options may lower or eliminate any installation fees you may incur during setup while keeping the same great level of service. Below, we will go into more detail on each option. 

Choose a Self-Install Kit

Spectrum offers users the choice between a professional installation or using a self-install kit. Getting one of these kits is a great way to save money on installation charges. The kits are significantly cheaper than professional installation and come with everything you need to set up Spectrum services on your own at no additional cost. Expect to find the following items in your kit:

  • Instructions in both English and Spanish
  • All the equipment required for installation
  • A return card in case anything needs to come back

If you need further help with your installation after receiving your kit, the Spectrum Support team can walk you through the process and help with any bumps you may encounter. 

Use Your Own Router

If you want to use a Spectrum-provided router, it will come at a monthly cost. While this is not necessarily an installation charge, it will still appear on your monthly billing statement.

To avoid this fee, you can also choose to purchase and install your own router when you sign up for internet service. You will be responsible for any maintenance on it, but it can save you from installation fees and monthly rental costs. 

Many Spectrum-compatible routers are available online, but the Netgear Nighthawk is one of the most popular. The Nighthawk integrates a modem and router in the same housing, eliminating any installation fees you may incur from a specialist setting up your Spectrum-provided modem. 

Negotiate with the Retention Team 

The retention team is there for one reason: to keep customers from canceling their services and going with another service provider. If you want to avoid installation fees, there are a few things to remember when speaking to them. 

Spectrum sometimes offers deals or coupons that they will not advertise unless someone specifically asks about them. Ask if they currently have any available for installation fees.

Alternatively, you could research other companies and let the representative know about any competing deals you’ve found in the area. They may offer to match or beat them. 

When in doubt, remember to play nice. The retention team can only offer what they have been given to offer. If what they have available doesn’t meet your needs, you can always politely ask for a manager to see if there are any other possibilities. 

Beware of Other Hidden Installation Fees

Nothing is worse than receiving your first Spectrum bill, only to find tons of extra charges related to installation. To avoid surprises, ask about any fees before scheduling an installation appointment. You may even want to ask for an itemized list of all the fees Spectrum charges so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

The main one to be aware of is the technician fee. If you have an issue that can be fixed over the phone, there will not be a charge. However, if a technician has to come out to do any work, such as running a line through the wall, a charge will likely be involved.


Spectrum charges installation fees for some services, namely internet and TV bundle installations. However, it is possible to avoid these with a little research and patience with customer service. 

Ways around installation fees include seeking out coupons or discounts, buying your own equipment instead of renting it from Spectrum, and opting for a self-install kit. See what they can do for you to continue enjoying all your services at a price you can afford.

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