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Does Spectrum Charge for a Router?

Last Updated Jul 15, 2022
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You need both a modem and a router for a complete in-home internet connection with Spectrum. Once you get the Spectrum starter package, you’ll acquire a modem for free. But what about the router? Will Spectrum bill you for it?

Renting a router from Spectrum attracts a monthly fee. Users have the choice between opting for this rental or buying their routers. The right choice depends on your household’s needs and financial situation.

You can either use this router and pay the rental fee or buy your own. Keep reading to learn whether you should use this rental router!

Does Spectrum Charge You for Using Their Router?

Spectrum’s starter pack includes a bundle plan, router, and modem. The modem they provide you comes for free, but some people incorrectly believe that router charges are part of the initial one-time starter fee.

Every user must pay a monthly fee to rent this router. The only exception is for customers who sign up for the Internet Gig plan, which is the fastest data plan offered by Spectrum. This plan includes the router rental in the overall cost.

If you use other Spectrum Internet plans, you will be charged monthly to use the router. But, it is not a compulsory deal. You can choose to return the router and purchase your own at any time to stop the transaction.

Spectrum will not charge you a router fee if you choose to use your own router. Once you’ve opted out of the Spectrum equipment fee, you can use your own router free of charge. Before you purchase one, however, ensure it supports Spectrum Internet.

Which is Better: Renting or Buying a Router?

Whether it will be better to rent a router from Spectrum or purchase your own depends on your budget. Many internet routers are available, but Spectrum’s internet package ensures you get the best version at a small monthly fee.

When you purchase your own router, you only pay for it once. When you rent a router, you pay a monthly fee for as long as you use it. If you expect to rent the router for many years, purchasing your own is likely the most cost-effective option.

However, renting does provide some users with more peace of mind. If your router stops working or becomes damaged, Spectrum will likely fix or replace it at no additional cost. If you use your own router, it’s your responsibility and yours alone. To determine whether or not you’re comfortable with renting a router from Spectrum, it’s important to understand your budget and decide if paying the monthly fee is worth it.

Are Spectrum Routers Any Good?

Spectrum Routers are primarily efficient and not limited to cutting-edge internet plans. But, unless you opt for an extremely high-end or budget-friendly router, your signal strength has little to do with your router.

Your network signal mainly depends on the internet coverage in your area. If you live in an urban or suburban location, you can likely expect great network coverage, no matter what router you use. However, your connection could be compromised more often if you live in a more rural area or somewhere that experiences severe weather.

What Are the Best Routers for Spectrum?

Perhaps you’ve decided to forego Spectrum’s monthly equipment fee and purchase your own router. Now, you’re wondering which router you should purchase!

Fortunately, there are many Spectrum-compatible routers available online. Some are sold as standalone routers, while others are sold as modem/router combinations. Some of the best routers to use with Spectrum internet include:

The right router for you will depend on your household’s wireless connection needs. Take the time to research each to make the best decision.

Do I Need a Router and a Modem?

For a complete in-home wireless connection, you need both a modem and router. These devices work hand-in-hand.

A modem permits network transmission between your home and the internet, while a router lets the transmission connect. For example, if a modem allows several people to raise their hands, the router is the force that pushes the hands to connect. Your modem cannot work without a router and vice versa.

For this reason, many people choose to purchase modem/router combinations. This limits the work involved with setting up a WiFi network and the possibility of something going wrong. While Spectrum offers their modems to customers at no additional cost, you also need the router to establish a connection.

Can I Upgrade My Spectrum Router?

If you ever choose to upgrade your Spectrum internet plan, Spectrum will upgrade your router to accommodate the higher speed. You can upgrade your plan through your online Spectrum account. Just follow these steps:

  • Sign in as the primary user.
  • Click on “Billing.”
  • Select the Statements tab.
  • Tap on the Spectrum Internet drop-down.
  • Click “Upgrade.”
  • Choose an upgrade option.

Note that Spectrum will not bill you for the upgraded router, only for the upgrade itself.

Final Thoughts

While some internet providers make it mandatory for you to use the routers they provide, Spectrum has more lenient policies. You can use your own router at no additional cost or rent one from the company for a small monthly fee.

Although buying your router may be a much better financial judgment, renting can ease the burdens of owning a router. If anything goes wrong, you can have the router fixed at little to no cost. The final decision is up to you. Make sure to consider your budget and browsing needs before choosing.