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Does Spectrum Block WiFi Calling?

Last Updated Jul 20, 2022
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WiFi calling is a great alternative to making a traditional phone call. WiFi calling uses an internet connection to place a call instead of a traditional signal from a tower, making it ideal for people who live, work, or visit more secluded areas. If you have Spectrum Mobile, you may be wondering if the service blocks WiFi calling.

Spectrum allows customers to use WiFi calling to make calls over the internet rather than through a phone tower. You can use the feature on your Spectrum Mobile phone as long as you’re connected to a WiFi network. 

Below, we’ll discuss more information on WiFi calling and what to do if it appears that WiFi calling is blocked on your phone. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

Does Spectrum Allow WiFi Calling?

Spectrum does allow WiFi calling through their mobile phone service. WiFi calling is a way to make phone calls over an internet connection rather than through a phone tower. While both are feasible options, WiFi calling is generally more useful if you’re in a “dead zone” or somewhere there is no cell service.

It’s also helpful during tough financial periods. Even if you can’t pay for cell service that month, you can still make phone calls as long as you can connect to a WiFi network.  

WiFi calling can also extend your phone’s battery life, as it uses less power than a traditional call. This is useful if you’re in a pinch, with low battery power and no charger on hand.

Why Does WiFi Calling Seem to be Blocked?

Although Spectrum does not block WiFi calling, there may be times when WiFi calling will not work and could appear to be blocked. Reasons for this include:

  • No WiFi connection is available
  • Your phone’s software is outdated
  • WiFi calling is turned off
  • Your SIM card needs to be reset

Below, we’ll discuss these reasons in-depth and show you a few ways to correct the problem. 

No WiFi Connection is Available

The WiFi network you were connected to may have gone offline, or your phone may be having issues connecting to your chosen network. Try connecting to a different network or moving to a location with a stronger network, such as a restaurant that offers free WiFi. Then, try to place your call again.

Your Phone’s Software is Outdated

If you haven’t updated your smartphone’s software in a while, outdated software may be to blame. Uninstalled updates can render some processes mute until you download the latest software. Go into your phone’s settings and check if an update is available. If so, download and install it before attempting to use WiFi calling again.  

WiFi Calling is Turned Off

To use WiFi calling, you must enable the feature in your phone’s settings. This is true for both Android and iPhone. Follow the corresponding steps below to activate WiFi calling on your device.

How to Activate WiFi Calling on Android

If you have an Android phone, you can activate WiFi calling through your settings. Here’s how to do so:

  • Open the Phone app.
  • Select “Settings,” then “More.”
  • Select “Calls.”
  • Enable the WiFi Calling option here.

Now, you should be able to use WiFi to place phone calls over the internet.

How to Activate WiFi Calling on iPhone

iPhones allow you to activate WiFi calling through the Settings app. Follow the steps below to place calls over WiFi:

  • Open your Settings app.
  • Scroll down until you see “Cellular,” then press to open your cellular settings. 
  • Look for “Wi-Fi Calling,” then press to expand the menu.
  • Toggle the switch to on.

Once you’ve completed the steps above, you can close the Settings app and place calls over WiFi.

Your SIM Card Needs to be Reset 

Removing and reinserting your SIM card can help “force” WiFi calling on if all else fails. To remove your SIM card, you must first power off your phone and locate the SIM card slot on your device. Some are in a tray on the side of the phone, while others are under the back plate.

If your SIM card is in a side tray, find a thin tool, such as a paperclip, that you can use to open the tray. Press it gently into the hole until the tray pops out. Remove the tray, then place it back in. Then, power your phone back on. 

If your SIM card is located under the back plate, you will need to remove the back plate, then find the smaller cover over the SIM card. Open it to reveal the card, then take it out and put it back in. Place the back plate back on your phone and power your phone on. 

A Few Things to Keep in Mind with WiFi Calling

If you need to use WiFi calling, there are a few things you should know to eliminate surprises. These include:

  • Not all cellular devices and tablets support WiFi calling. You will need a smartphone to access this feature. Check with your carrier for more information, or check for the option in your device’s settings. 
  • If your device does not support WiFi calling, you can still text using WiFi through apps such as Skype, Facebook Messenger, and Google Hangouts.
  • When you first set up WiFi calling, it will prompt you to enter a 911 address. This is to ensure you can still call 911 in emergencies. The dispatcher will use the 911 address you provide as your default primary location for emergency personnel to assist you if necessary. 

Knowing these things will help you use WiFi calling to the best of your abilities whenever necessary.


Spectrum Mobile allows WiFi calling. As long as your mobile device allows the feature, you should have no problem making calls over a WiFi network. 

If WiFi calling appears to be blocked, you can go through a few steps to ensure it is activated. You may need to adjust your settings, update your device, or perform a hard reset.

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