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Does SmartThings Have a Monthly Fee?

Last Updated Sep 14, 2022
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Before buying a Samsung SmartThings Hub or using it’s App, you may wonder if it has any hidden fees. I know I wondered the same thing myself before purchasing mine.

Does SmartThings have a Monthly fee? No, SmartThings does not require a monthly fee. It is free to use. Other devices or services may be available for purchase through the SmartThings app.

Samsung has done a great job of making an amazing Hub that is affordable and doesn’t need customers to pay a monthly fee to use it. However, there are devices and services that connect to SmartThings that do require a monthly subscription depending on which one you choose. Purchasing the Hub alone does not come with additional sensors, so that is a cost you will want to factor in.

What is SmartThings Hub?

Man holding SmartThings Hub

SmartThings Hub is a hub that can become the brains of your smart home. So what do we mean by that?

The word “Hub” is used in a lot of other situations.

  • The kitchen is the hub of the home
  • The computers are all connected to the hub
  • That airport is the hub of international travel
  • Downtown is a hub for tourists

As you can see, the word ‘Hub’ can be used in a lot of examples. The main point to take away is when something is called a Hub, it is the center of everything.

SmartThings is Z-wave and Zigbee compatible which means it can communicate to devices that use Z-wave and Zigbee protocols. These two protocols are the most popular protocols for smart devices to talk to each other.

This is why SmartThings Hub can truly become the brains of your smart home. It is the center of all your smart devices.

Who is SmartThings

SmartThings Hub

SmartThings is an American technology company that makes client applications, cloud platforms, and Hubs – all for Smart homes. In 2014, Samsung bought them out so they are SmartThings parent company. I personally am glad Samsung bought the company out because this ensures longevity in the company.

If there is a bug in the SmartThings App, there will always be a developer working on that fix. No worry that this company will go out of business because it is backed by the huge company of Samsung.

SmartThings specializes specifically in smart homes and home automation. This is fantastic because knowing SmartThings primary focus is smart homes. Unlike other companies like Amazon for example where one department of their business is dedicated to selling Books for example, and also Smart technology.

What Else SmartThings Can Cost You

Back of SmartThings Hub

When purchasing a SmartThings Hub, where else may you need to spend money?

  • Other device monthly services (Example: Ring Video Doorbell)
  • Accessories (Example: SmartThings Water Leak Sensor)

Whilst the SmartThings Hub does not require a monthly subscription to use, you may want or currently have devices that have a monthly fee baked in. An example is the Ring Video Doorbell. While Ring can be free to use, there is a monthly fee ($3 or $10 a month) if you want premium features like more video storage and other features, it cost a monthly fee of.

So the chances of you only buying the SmartThings Hub is low. You are most likely going to pick up one of the few sensors to play with your new toy. Here are some examples:

Most of these sensors are in the range between $15 to $20.

As you can see, the costs can really add up. If you already have all your existing smart devices and don’t need any more then you’re good to go. But if you are going to want 2 SmartThings Buttons, 3 SmartThings Multipurpose Sensors, and a SmartThings Water Leak Sensor, things can add up quickly.

One great thing about picking up the newest version of SmartThings Hub 3 is that all the sensors for it are cheaper than its predecessor of Version 2.

What Can SmartThings Hub Do?

SmartThings Hub lets you control multiple devices all from your SmartThings Hub via the App. Why is that a good thing? It’s great because you don’t need to open several apps to turn on and off your smart devices.

It can get pretty annoying to open your WeMo App, Philips Hue App, and LIFX App to control different devices. With SmartThings, you can control them all from one App.

Here’s an example of automation I can setup through the SmartThings Hub.

We’ll assume again you have a Ring Video Doorbell and other devices.

  1. Ring Video Doorbell – Detects Motion
  2. SmartThings Hub is notified
  3. SmartThings Hub communicates to your other Smart Devices
  4. Porch Light (with a Smart light) turns on
  5. Office Light (with a Smart light) flashes 3 times
  6. Arlo Camera inside your home begins recording
  7. Ring Spotlight Camera outside in the backyard begins recording

As you can see, you can really create some full automation tasks to begin all from a motion sensor from your Ring Video Doorbell. This is possible with your SmartThings Hub and the SmartThings App!

What Devices Work With SmartThings?

Samsung SmartThings has done a great job of making sure a lot of devices are compatible with SmartThings. This is in part because of the Zigbee and Z-wave compatibility. Today, SmartThings website, it displays that there are 357 products that work with SmartThings. Wow! That is a lot of products.

Many people will find that if they are looking for a device to connect to SmartThings, they’ll 99% of the time find it works with SmartThings.

Here is a list of a couple products that do work with SmartThings:

  • Philips hue Bulbs
  • Arlo Pro
  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro
  • Yale Assure Lock
  • Ecobee Thermostat
  • Google Home
  • Amazon Echo Plus (Pretty much all Amazon devices)
  • Arlo Q+
  • Schlage Connect Door lock
  • Bose Soundtouch Music System
  • Curb Home Energy Monitoring System
  • Logitech Harmony Hub

As you can see, there is a lot of products in a wide variety that works with SmartThings. Ranging from thermostats to door locks, it is hard not to find what you are looking for.

If you want to know even more articles that work with SmartThings, check out our post on 21 Best Devices that work with SmartThings 3.

What Devices Work With SmartThings W/ No Monthly Fee

While the SmartThings Hub 3 does not require a monthly fee, some devices do require a monthly fee for premium features. Here are some examples of devices that don’t require a monthly fee that work with SmartThings Hub:

  • Amazon Echo Show
  • Sylvania Smart Bulb
  • Leviton Universal Dimmer
  • August Smart Lock Pro

There are a ton of other devices out there that do not require a monthly fee. It will be up to your to determine if that product has a required service, but most allow you to use it for free. Of course, if you want all the bells and whistles, it’ll cost more.

Does SmartThings Work with Alexa and Google Assistant? SmartThings does work with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Is the SmartThings app free? Yes, the SmartThings App is free to download and use.

Can you have multiple SmartThings hubs? No, SmartThings does not support having multiple hubs in use. You can only use 1 SmartThings hub per location.

What is the range of SmartThings hub? The range for the SmartThings hub is about 50 to 130 feet. This is not a solid number as there are a lot of variables which can affect the range like walls that block devices and can interfere.

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