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Does SimpliSafe Work with or without WiFi?

Last Updated Aug 9, 2020
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SimpliSafe home security devices provide protection and peace of mind for individuals looking to keep their homes safe. A concern for many people with smart home security technology is; What steps can I take to make sure my house is reliably and consistently monitored? In this article, I wanted to find if SimpliSafe could keep me protected at all times, with or without WiFi.

SimpliSafe home security systems offer the ability to keep you protected with a backup cellular connection, though rely on WiFi for primary functionality and communication. Their wireless security cameras work exclusively with WiFi in order to transmit data to your mobile devices.

The good news is that SimpliSafe systems are not only compatible with existing WiFi, but they utilize it in such a way that you can always be up to date on alerts and security-related notifications. With this in mind, my research led me to more questions like:

  • Will I still be covered if I lose power or get disconnected from my wireless network?
  • Do all SimpliSafe devices require WiFi?
  • How does the SimpliSafe system communicate with other devices?
  • How do I connect my SimpliSafe system to my existing WiFi?

I wanted to gain a better understanding of how the SimpliSafe ecosystem would communicate and integrate with my current network.

SimpliSafe Devices that Require WiFi

SimpliSafe WiFi

Before learning how to get set up with SimpliSafe wireless devices, I needed to know which devices would require a wireless internet connection. Though many of their products require WiFi to communicate, is that all they need to function? Here’s a quick list of the SimpliSafe products that require a WiFi connection:

As these devices are wireless, they rely exclusively on WiFi to communicate with your system (and for all primary functions). Additionally, their initial setup requires configuration via the SimpliSafe mobile app. Now that I knew which devices would need WiFi to function, I wanted to discover what the initial WiFi setup entailed.

How to Connect to WiFi

SimpliSafe Internet

Though not required for primary functionality, the SimpliSafe system uses WiFi to communicate with its monitoring center and to utilize features on your mobile device. Fortunately, SimpliSafe makes it straightforward to set up their security systems with your existing WiFi network.

If you’re setting up a new system:

  1. Press the “menu” button on your SimpliSafe Keypad and enter your 4 digit PIN.
  2. Navigate to and select “System Settings.”
  3. Find your WiFi network, and select it.
  4. Enter your password (if applicable), and the SimpliSafe Base Station will automatically connect to your wireless network.

How-to steps courtesy of SimpliSafe

If you’re using one of the devices that require WiFi, the installation process can be completed through SimpliSafe’s associated mobile app. Now that I knew how to get my system setup on my network, I needed to find out what happened if I lost power or WiFi connectivity.

What happens if your SimpliSafe flashes blue? Click here to learn more!

What Happens in the Case of a Power Outage?

A concern for many with smart home security surveillance is; Will I still be protected in the event of a power outage or if I can’t access my wireless network? The SimpliSafe base station can trigger alarms with its built-in GSM cellular connection, keeping you safe at all times.

Your All-New SimpliSafe has a cellular connection to our monitoring center to ensure that you’re always protected, even if thieves were to cut the power.

Source: SimpliSafe

Additionally, the SimpliSafe base station has a backup rechargeable battery (estimated to last up to 24 hours), keeping you secure even if your power goes out. With the peace of mind knowing my system wouldn’t shut down should I lose power or WiFi, I was ready to learn more about the cellular service SimpliSafe provides.

Is a Mobile Contract Required for Cellular service?

If you’re like me, you’re concerned about getting locked into some lengthy contract with yet another mobile service. The good news is that SimpliSafe does not require a separate cellular contract for its core monitoring services.

While this is a great added bonus, there is a catch; An additional monitoring service is required to access the Cellular Connection functionalities. Here’s a quick look at what the SimpliSafe monitoring plans have to offer:

Via Simplisafe:

Standard Plan Interactive Plan
50 Cents/Day (Cancel Anytime/No Contracts) 83 Cents/Day (Cancel Anytime/No Contracts)
24/7 Live Alarm Monitoring/Dispatch Service 24/7 Live Alarm Monitoring/Dispatch Service
Built-in GSM Cellular Connection Built-in GSM Cellular Connection
Environmental Monitoring Environmental Monitoring
  Arm/Disarm via Mobile App
  Secret Alerts
  Video Alarm Verification
  Unlimited Camera Recording
  Smart Home Integration


If you’re looking to add to your home security system, and want to use your existing WiFi network(s), SimpliSafe has you covered. With the SimpliSafe Base Station’s backup battery and cellular connectivity, you’re even secure in the event of a power outage or WiFi disruption. Though a separate service plan is required for some features, knowing you’re always covered may be worth it for some.

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