Does SimpliSafe Work in Large Homes?

Drone shot of the top of a large home.Drone shot of the top of a large home.

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SimpliSafe is becoming a popular home security option, and residents of large houses may want to know if SimpliSafe will work in their homes. To help, I did some research to determine if SimpliSafe is a good choice for large homes.

Does SimpliSafe work in large homes? Simplisafe will work in homes up to 20,000 square feet with the base station placed in a central location. Walls and other obstructions may reduce SimpliSafe’s range. Exact ranges vary based on the layout of each house.

SimpliSafe has a lot to offer residents of large homes. I have compiled more detailed information to help you become an expert on all things SimpliSafe and how it can work in large homes.

SimpliSafe Works in Large Homes

SimpliSafe was ranked third in the Top 5 “Best Security Systems for Large Homes”. Find the article here

SimpliSafe is an ideal home security system for large houses for multiple reasons:

  • SimpliSafe offers multiple packages for large homes as well as a build-your-own option. This gives SimpliSafe the flexibility to work in any home no matter the size.
  • Their products have a range of up to 1,000 feet.
  • Voice and phone control allow for system access from anywhere in a large house.

SimpliSafe Packages

For a home with four or more bedrooms and 2 or more points of entry, SimpliSafe recommends “The Knox”. Runner-ups include “The Stonefort”, “The Keep”, and “The Stronghold”. All four of these systems include one base station with a 95-decibel siren and one keypad. 

The KnoxThe StonefortThe KeepThe Stronghold
Entry Sensor6957
Motion Sensor2221

Panic Button
Smoke Detector1

Key Fob1111
105dB Siren11

These large home packages do not include the following additional products which can be added on to any package: 

Build Your Own System

SimpliSafe works particularly well in large homes because it is completely customizable. If your home has a front door, back door and side door, then you can purchase exactly three entry sensors. Keep in mind that a first-floor window can also be an entry point for burglars.

SimpliSafe 5 Piece Wireless Home Security System

When choosing the right system for your large home, it’s important to note that some products function in similar ways. For example, a first-floor living room with four windows does not need four entry sensors. Instead, one motion sensor and one glass break sensor will work. 

Product Range

SimpliSafe’s Base Station can connect to the keypad and sensors at a range of up to 1,000 feet unobstructed. This means that the base station has the potential to reach throughout even the largest houses up to 20,000 square feet. To maximize the range of a base station, you should place it in a central location in your home. 

Keep in mind that walls and other obstructions can shorten the range of the products. 

SimpliSafe does not have a range extender or the ability to link two base stations. The DIY set-up method to ensuring maximum range on your security system is to move your sensors and base station around testing them intermittently until you find a configuration that works. You can also purchase SimpliSafe professional installation. 

A friend of mine uses SimpliSafe in his 2,400 square feet, two-story home. His base station is located on the first floor in the middle of the house and reaches throughout the house including upstairs and the garage. 

Access from Anywhere

Want to arm your alarm from the comfort of your bed without having to get up and walk downstairs or across the house to the keypad? You can access your security system using your phone or smart home assistant if you are subscribed to the SimpliSafe Interactive Monitoring Plan. The plan has a monthly payment and includes 24/7 professional monitoring. 

The SimpliSafe app for Android, iPhone and Apple Watch gives you control of your security system at the tips of your fingers, literally. Through the app, you can:

  • Arm the system in-home or away mode.
  • Disarm the system. 
  • Check the live stream of any connected cameras.
  • Receive notifications about activity in your home.

SimpliSafe works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home as well. For safety reasons, disarming SimpliSafe through voice control is not allowed. 

To use SimpliSafe with an Alexa product, enable the SimpliSafe Home Control skill in the Alexa app. Check out this CNET article for a comprehensive list of Alexa SimpliSafe skill voice commands. 

Google Home can integrate SimpliSafe into a home’s already established Google Routines. For example, disarming the security system can be included in a Routine set-up to turn on the lights and report the weather using the voice command “Hey Google, good morning.” Set up Google Routines in the Google Assistant app. Click this link for a list of Google SimpliSafe voice commands. 

System Setup

A large home means a more lengthy and potentially complicated setup process. However, SimpliSafe is easy enough for anyone to set up on their own, even in a large home. No tools are required, and all products are wireless except the base station, camera and doorbell. 

Here are the steps to set up SimpliSafe in a large home:

  1. Plug the base station into a wall outlet in a central location. Remember that a central location is key in a large house to ensure maximum range. 
  2. Install the keypad on the wall next to the house’s main entrance. Follow the instructions on the keypad.
  3. Install each sensor and additional product using the provided adhesive strips. The security system of a large home will most likely have many different components, so I recommend planning out where each sensor will go before starting to install them. Then, make sure to give each sensor a unique name on the keypad to avoid confusion. 
  4. Connect the keypad to your home’s wifi. Wifi is required for the SimpliCam, but for all other products, it provides security and connection in addition to the built-in cellular connection.

This setup process should take no more than an hour for most large home residents. Not the DIY type? SimpliSafe offers professional installation for a set price no matter how large your home is.

Unbeatable Price

SimpliSafe is cheaper than other popular home security systems. This means large home residents can purchase a big enough security system to cover their entire home without breaking the bank. 

I did a cost comparison of the top three security systems for large homes, and SimpliSafe is the cheapest overall.

Approximant Initial Costs$450$600$125
Professional Monitoring $14.99-$24.99 per month$29.99-$49.99 per month$36.99-$52.99 per month
Installation $0 for DIY$79 for professional$49-$99$99-$199
Contract RequirementsNo contractNo contract if $600 for equipment paid upfront, 3-5 years otherwise3 years

Keep in mind these prices were accurate at the time of publishing but could have changed since then .

Don’t be fooled by ADT’s significantly lower initial costs. In the long-run, SimpliSafe is cheaper because there is no contract, no mandatory installation fee, and the cheapest professional monitoring options.

From SimpliSafe vs ADT Comparison:

“If you sign a 36-month ADT contract, you might pay about $1700 in bills. That isn’t including monthly warranty coverage. If you put the system under warranty, the three-year cost could be about $2,000.”

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