Smart home technology is opening new doors for individuals and families when it comes to the way we protect and monitor our homes. With tools like the SimpliSafe Home Security System, you don’t have to be home to ensure that your loved ones and your belongings are protected. Their full suite of cameras and motion sensors are great devices to have.

Does SimpliSafe make an outdoor camera? SimpliSafe manufactures the Video Doorbell Pro, which includes an exterior camera, but it will only monitor a wide field of view from your front porch. It does not offer a full exterior monitoring system.

Learn more about the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro and the other smart devices in the SimpliSafe family of devices.

Is There an Outdoor SimpliSafe Camera?

SimpliSafe does not offer an outdoor camera, but they do manufacture the Video Doorbell Pro. This smart doorbell gives you 1080p HD video streaming during the day and at night. Although it cannot monitor all areas of your home’s exterior, it can protect and monitor your main entry point with its wide 162-degree field of view.

The SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro monitors your front door 24/7. It will send you alerts when visitors—both invited and unwanted—approach your door. With this device, you can:

  • Watch for packages being delivered
  • Be aware of intruders approaching
  • See when your family and friends are knocking

The device allows for two-way communication, so you can speak with whoever is out front no matter if you are home or not. Its smart motion detection will only alert you of people approaching your home and ignore distractions like cars, pets, and trees.

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SimpliSafe’s smart doorbell connects to your existing mechanical doorbell setup to power the device. Simply connect it to your home’s WiFi network through the SimpliSafe app on your smartphone, and you’re ready to get alerts about the status of your front door.

Other Home Security Devices from SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe offers a full suite of smart devices to protect and monitor your home. Each device is easy to install, and they all integrate with one another to create a seamless home protection system.


The SimpliCam is an indoor camera that will stream live video of your home to your smartphone or computer. Through the SimpliSafe app, you can see what’s going on at home from anywhere. This camera streams HD quality video 24/7 with night vision capabilities.

The SimpliCam will send you alerts when it detects motion or intruders in your home. Its smart motion detection that’s able to tell the difference between wind moving the trees outside and a human breaking in.

Smart Lock

The SimpliSafe Smart Lock eliminates the need for a key. With this device, you can lock and unlock your front door from your smartphone to give access to visitors or your kids coming home from school. You can also use the pin pad to type in your access code.

This device will protect your home against break-ins by ensuring your door is locked at all times. When you arm your alarm system, the Smart Lock will automatically lock your door. And, if someone tries to enter your home and types in the wrong passcode more than five times in a row, you’ll get a notification.

SimpliSafe Packages

You can order smart devices from SimpliSafe individually, or you can order a package of devices to use around your home. Each package comes with the Base Station and offers 24/7 monitoring. You don’t need a landline for them to work, and you don’t have to commit to a contract.

Check out your package options:

  • The Foundation is ideal for small homes and apartments. It includes an entry sensor to use at your front door, as well as a motion sensor for inside the home.
  • The Essentials is the most popular package. It includes a motion sensor and three entry sensors to use on the doors in your home.
  • The Hearth includes everything in The Essentials package, with added smoke detection and a loud siren that will ring when it detects intruders.
  • The Knox is ideal for large homes. It includes two times as many motion and entry sensors as the Hearth package. Choose this package if you have four or more bedrooms.
  • The Haven is the most comprehensive home security system. In addition to four entry sensors and two motion sensors, it can also detect fire and water damage in your home.

Protect and Monitor Your Home

SimpliSafe’s full suite of home security devices can be a great addition to your smart home. The Base Station, motion sensors, smart lock, and video doorbell allow you to monitor your home inside and out. You and your family can feel protected and prepared should an emergency occur.

Learn more about the SimpliSafe security system by visiting their website.