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Does SimpliSafe Doorbell Require a Subscription?

Last Updated Apr 22, 2020
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Many of us know SimpliSafe as a DIY smart home security system, but they also offer a video doorbell that can function independently or as part of your SimpliSafe home security system. I’m a fan of SimpliSafe’s home security system, so I wanted to learn more about their doorbell and if I could use it without adding another monthly subscription to my budget.

Does SimpliSafe Doorbell require a subscription? SimpliSafe’s Video Doorbell Pro does not require a subscription plan in order to provide notifications when someone rings the bell or when motion is detected. However, a subscription is required to record and save videos.

SimpliSafe only offers one video doorbell option, the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro. If you are considering this smart doorbell, you will want to know all the details about how it functions with and without a subscription and how it can be integrated with your other smart home devices.

SimpliSafe Doorbell Works Without a Subscription

Most features of SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro are available without a monthly subscription plan.

  • Because SimpliSafe Doorbell connects to your home’s existing doorbell wires, it will chime in your home like a traditional doorbell.
  • You will also receive a notification on your phone or tablet when someone rings the doorbell.
  • You will receive notifications when the doorbell detects motion.
  • You can view the video doorbell’s live stream any time.
  • You can use 2-way audio to communicate with people at your door. The two-way audio functions like a walkie-talkie where you take turns speaking and listening.

We also cover if your SimpliSafe doorbell works with your old SimpliSafe system here.

With a Subscription

The most important feature missing when you don’t have a SimpliSafe subscription is video recording. You must have a subscription in order to record any video or audio from your doorbell.

With a monthly subscription, your doorbell will automatically record video any time it detects motion or when someone rings the doorbell – Regardless if its raining or not, your doorbell will work.

SimpliSafe offers several different ways to adjust the motion detection settings on your doorbell to control what it records automatically. Check out this link for an explanation of the various motion settings and how to change them.

You can also record video manually any time in the SimpliSafe app on your phone or tablet.

All video recordings are automatically saved to your SimpliSafe cloud for 30 days. You can watch them anytime and download them to your phone, tablet, or computer to save for a longer period of time or share with others.

Subscription Plans

If you have a SimpliSafe security system and an Interactive Monitoring Plan, your doorbell subscription is automatically included in the Interactive Monitoring Plan for no additional cost.

When using SimpliSafe’s doorbell without the security system, you can purchase a camera  subscription just for your doorbell. If you have more than one doorbell or a doorbell and a stand-alone SimpliSafe camera, you can purchase an unlimited camera subscription to cover all your SimpliSafe doorbells and cameras.

SimpliSafe monthly subscriptions do not have contracts, so you can cancel or change your subscription plan anytime. The camera subscription plans are significantly cheaper than the Interactive Monitoring Plan, and they provide full access to all the features of your stand-alone SimpliSafe Doorbell.

SimpliSafe Security System Integration

With an Interactive Monitoring Plan, your SimpliSafe doorbell integrates with your SimpliSafe security system. In addition to automatically recording when the doorbell detects motion or is rung, it will record any time the following events happen in your home:

  • An alarm is triggered
  • A silent panic button is pressed
  • You arm or disarm your system
  • Powered is restored to your system

If your home has one or more SimpliCams, they will be integrated automatically as well giving you a really comprehensive home security system.

SimpliSafe devices are also compatible with Alexa and Google Home if you have an Interactive Monitoring Plan. Check out this article for more information on integrating your SimpliSafe devices with your voice assistant devices.  

Integration Limitations

The Standard Monitoring Plan, the cheaper subscription option for SimpliSafe security systems, does not include video recording or voice assistant integration. It only provides professional monitoring for your alarm, sensors, and smoke detector. If you have SimpliSafe doorbells and/or cameras, you will need the more expensive Interactive Monitoring Plan.

While integration with the Interactive Monitoring Plan is impressive, it’s not perfect. Some SimpliSafe users want more integration between their doorbell and the SimpliSafe base station. They would like the base station to light up and/or chime when the doorbell rings.

Video Doorbells Without a Subscription

If you want a smart doorbell that can record video without a subscription, there are several options. The table below reviews some of the best video doorbells that don’t require subscriptions and compares them to SimpliSafe’s Video Doorbell Pro.

 Video RecordingVoice Assistant CompatibilityOther Features
SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro30-day cloud storage with subscription onlyOnly with the Interactive Monitoring subscription planIntegrates with SimpliSafe security system
Eufy Security Wi-Fi Video DoorbellBuilt-in 4GB storageAmazon Alexa and Google HomeComes with an additional indoor chime
Honeywell SkyBell Slim DesignFree 7-day cloud storageAmazon Alexa and Google HomeInterest-free financing available
LaView Wi-Fi Video Doorbell16GB micro-SD card includedNoneComes with three different color face plates to match your home
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