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Does SimpliSafe Doorbell Have a Battery?

Last Updated Jun 30, 2022
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How are you increasing the smart technology in your home? Your smart home can become even more advanced once you install a video doorbell to your front door. Models like the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell allow you to monitor your front door from anywhere—without all the stress of complicated setup. You can either use this device on its own or you can connect it to your existing SimpliSafe Home Security system.

Does the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell have a battery? The SimpliSafe Video Doorbell is a smart device, so it functions efficiently without a battery as long as it is properly connected to your home’s WiFi network and existing mechanical doorbell port.

Learn more about how the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell gets its power to perform its many smart functions.

Does the SimpliSafe Doorbell Have a Battery?

Many video doorbells in the market will require different methods for installation. While some require a battery pack to install with your device, others like the SimpliSafe video doorbell will not require a battery. These devices will use simple wiring to receive power from your old doorbell’s electrical port (8-24 VAC).

When you install the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell, it will be powered by your home’s existing mechanical doorbell system. It will be ready to use right after you set it up because it does not require a battery or charging. It’s easy and quick to get started!

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Setting up and Powering Your SimpliSafe Video Doorbell

The SimpliSafe Video Doorbell has a sleek, attractive design with an LED push button for you to control the device or for your visitors to ring the bell. It measures about 4.3 x 1.5 x 1.2 inches, which makes it both lightweight and easy to install.

In the box when you purchase your new doorbell, you will find the video doorbell, three faceplates, an angled mounting base plate, and screws.

First, you must remove your old doorbell. Then, you will follow the instructions to run the wires through the mounting plate into your new video doorbell. After a few simple steps, you doorbell will be ready to slide into the mounting plate to be powered by the existing port.

The same wiring by your front door will power your device so it can connect to your smartphone, send you alerts, and stream live video. This helps the device function without needing a battery.

While some may be intimidated by the wire setup, it is simple and easy. It will take less than 30 minutes for a beginner to complete. Just grab a screwdriver and follow the simple instructions that come with your video doorbell.

If your home ever were to lose power, the SimpliSafe does come with a small backup battery for temporary use.

Features of SimpliSafe Doorbell without Requiring a Battery

The SimpliSafe standalone video doorbell has impressive features for its size and easy setup. You can unlock new ways to protect and monitor your home after setting up this great device. What makes it so useful is that it does not need a battery.

This smart doorbell uses your home’s existing doorbell system to power its many useful and modern functions, including:

  • Standard doorbell chime heard throughout your home
  • Shoots 1080p HD video
  • Has a wide field of view with a 162-degree angle
  • Clear and accurate night vision
  • Motion detection that sends alerts to your smartphone
  • Pan and zoom camera motions to track visitors
  • 2-way audio communication with your visitor

The features for this smart video doorbell are endless. For instance, the SimpliSafe allows you to check for friends and family visiting your home, be alerted when a package arrives, or watch out for unwanted visitors approaching.

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The device will send you notifications to the app on your smartphone when it detects motion around your front door. And, it is so advanced, it will ignore movement from distracting figures like a car or pets strolling by. The smart doorbell allows you to communicate with whoever is knocking whether you’re at home or away. So, for such a small device, you get some powerful, battery-free functionality.

How Will You Connect with Your Home?

Video doorbells are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the smart home technology you can add to your home. In addition to these doorbells, you can purchase devices for your home that can help you manage the temperature, lock and unlock your door, play music, search the internet for you, and more. You can connect the different devices in your home in many fun and exciting ways.

Read more articles like this one to learn more about the smart devices you can find use for in your home. Depending on you and your family’s needs, you’ll be sure to find something of use. We’ll even help you troubleshoot any setup and powering issues you may run into.

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