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Does Samsung Watch 3 Have ECG?

Last Updated Jun 30, 2022

When shopping for a new smartwatch, it is hard to decide. There are so many brands and options available on the market today that it can be hard to decide which is better than another. Most of the time, it all comes down to desired functionality. Due to this, many people find themselves wondering, does Samsung Watch 3 have ECG?

The Samsung Watch 3 has ECG, which monitors the heart. The FDA has approved this functionality. While it is not the only watch on the market that has this functionality, it is hard to get approved, making it valuable to the watch and manufacturer as a whole.

Now that you know that the Samsung Watch 3 has ECG, you may wonder how it works, what it tracks, and troubleshooting tips. Continue reading to find out the answers to your burgeoning questions and stay informed about this new technology.

How to Take an ECG Reading on Sansung Watch 3

Getting a new watch or piece of tech brings out the inner child in all of this. Due to this, you will likely want to try out the ECG functionality once you get the watch up and running. You may not know what to do if you have never used this function on a similar device. Don’t worry; the steps are easy to follow. Just read these instructions to get the best reading:

  1. In the Samsung Health app, select ECG.
  2. Press get started.
  3. Select which wrist you wear your watch on.
  4. Go back to the Health App and ECG. Then select Ok. 
  5. Take your finger and place it on the top right button. The ECG will commence.

Once the ECG results are complete, they will display on the app. It will tell you the rhythm of your heart and any important notes and give you a baseline of your heart at rest. If there is an abnormality, it will alert you. You can also save your ECG reports on your phone to show your doctor at exams.

It is important to remember that this is not a replacement for a doctor; if you do not feel well, you should seek medical attention immediately.

There are plenty of other health tracking features that the Samsung Galaxy 3 watch offers. Keep reading to learn about the ECG function on the Samsung Watch 3 and what to do if something isn’t right.

What the ECG Function Tracks

Some people are not as worried about the ECG function, while others swear by it. In essence, it depends on personal preference. Most people enjoy the function because it can alert them to potential heart issues so they can proactively seek medical attention. While it is not a doctor, it is a good resource.

If this smartwatch detects an abnormal heart rhythm compared to your usual rate when resting or doing moderate activity, it will alert the user. This information can determine early signs of stroke, heart attacks, and other heart issues. It can provide a sense of security for you and tracks this info to provide your doctor in the future if needed.

ECG Not Functioning

Sometimes when we use our devices, they stop working the way we want. This is frustrating, but in many cases, it can be remedied. Before getting frustrated, just read some of these easy tips to fix possible issues with your ECG and its overall functionality.

Watch Band Tightness

One issue a user can encounter is wearing the watch band too tightly. This can cause the watch to have difficulty taking an appropriate reading. It is best to ensure the watch band is not too tight but also not too loose. It should be flush to the skin without causing pain, markings, or slipping off. This will give the best reading capabilities when using the ECG function.

Clean the Sensors

There are little sensors on the bottom of the watch face. These sensors allow the watch to take the ECG readings and track them in the health app. Using lotion or moisturizer can cause an issue with the sensors. This is because they leave residue behind that cruises the sensors to stop reading. Wipe them off with water and a soft cloth, and try taking another ECG.

Low Battery Means Weird Readings

If the watch is getting low on battery, it will go into power-saving mode. This can affect the readings you get from the ECG function. This is because it takes power to provide this function, and the power is being redirected to other essential functions to keep the watch longer in power saving. Charge the watch and wait to do an ECG on a full charge to see a difference.

Smartwatches Provide Smart Health Solutions

While not all smartwatches are created equal, the Samsung Watch 3 is a truly fantastic option when considering which to buy. It is s versatile watch with a lot of functionality. It has a sleek design, and it does not feel too bulky. Once you get one, you will fall in love with it and its extra features.

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