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Does Samsung TV Have Chromecast?

Last Updated Sep 28, 2021
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Samsung smart TVs are making headlines for their easy-to-use programming and consumer-friendly applications. Most televisions on the market now come already equipped with internet connectivity capabilities, streaming apps, games, and a whole lot more.

Samsung has ensured that every television they make does have, or can have Chromecast. Depending on your model, it may already be installed, or it may be as simple as plugging in an HDMI cable. Chromecast on Samsung TVs

Now that you know it’s absolutely possible, you probably have a few more questions on how to set up Chromecast on your Samsung TV. Not to worry, we are going to break down each and every step and find out if your television already has Chromecast built-in, or if you need to set it up, how to do so!

How Do I Know If My Samsung TV Has Chromecast Built-in?

If you have a Samsung smart TV, Chromecast could already be built-in. Here are a few easy instructions to find out:

  • Press the HOME button.
  • Select SETTINGS, then APPS.
  • If Chromecast is built-in, it will appear here and you will only need to select ENABLE.

So you have established that your television already has Chromecast capabilities, but now you need to connect to it and start streaming from your phone! Luckily, the setup couldn’t be easier, just follow these simple steps:

  • Download the SmartThings app on your smartphone.
  • Enable Screensharing (or Smart View) by selecting the device you want to mirror.
  • Ensure both your device and television are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • On the SmartThings app, add your Samsung TV and allow screensharing.
  • Select Smart View to mirror.

If you have one of the latest Samsung smart models, this will most likely do the trick, but if you have an older model or do not have a smart TV, you will have to hook up Chromecast the old fashion way: through an HDMI cable. But don’t worry, it’s extremely simple and we are going to go through the instructions together.

How Do I Get Chromecast on my Samsung TV?

If you have followed the above steps but cannot find Chromecast built into your Samsung television, you can easily purchase the app and set it up yourself in a few minutes.

The first step is to get your Chromecast from Amazon. Then, set it up by plugging in the mini-USB, connecting the device to an outlet, and adhering it to your television with the provided HDMI cable.

Next, you will need to make sure both the device and your smartphone are connected to the same WiFi router.

Then, download the Google Home app from your Google Playstore on your smartphone. Although you will not need to open the app every time you go to use your Chromecast, you will need it for the initial setup.

If you do not already have a Google account, you will need to create one on the app. From there, select the “+” symbol, tap “set up device”, then “new device.”

Your screen will then prompt you to connect your Chromecast to your television and you’re ready to enjoy!

I Can’t Connect my Samsung TV to Chromecast

Although it seems exceedingly straightforward, you could encounter a few problems with your connection. So if you can’t seem to connect your Chromecast to your Samsung TV, keep reading, because we are going to describe each possible problem and how to fix it.

  • Chromecast isn’t turning on. If this is your problem, it’s most likely a connection issue. Check your USB, HDMI, and charging cord to make sure they are all working properly. Then make sure you are selecting the correct HDMI port on your television screen (most TVs have several).
  • WiFi isn’t connecting. Make sure all the devices (smartphone, television, and Chromecast) are connected to the same network. Also, it’s important that your WiFi has a strong enough connection to fuel the devices. If you have too few bars, you can try moving the router closer to the TV.
  • Your TV doesn’t have an HDMI port. If your television is an older model and does not come equipped with an HDMI port, you will need an AV/HDMI converter. Thankfully, these adapters are easy to find at most any electronics store.

After following these steps, if your Chromecast still will not connect, you may need to contact your Samsung support team.


Essentially, you should be able to connect Chromecast to any Samsung television, however depending on your model, the instructions are slightly different.

Now you know just how to use Chromecast with your Samsung and how to troubleshoot any problems that may arise!

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