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Does Roomba Work With Google Home and Alexa?

Last Updated Mar 21, 2022
Roomba smart vacuum sweeping the floor

In this day and age, smart homes and smart devices are becoming increasingly popular all around the world to complete simple tasks with little to no work from humans. With recent technological developments, these devices can even do your chores for you.

Does Roomba work with Google Home and Alexa? Yes. Roomba can be connected to both Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices. Once they are properly set up, you will be able to speak voice commands to the smart home device of your choice, and it will notify your Roomba to carry out a series of actions around the house.

Roomba is a handy way to get the floors in your house clean with little to no effort. Since the automatic vacuuming actions usually require the push of a button from a mobile app, most people would be surprised to know that it actually can get easier. With the connection of a Google Home or Alexa device, the possibilities are endless.

Using Roomba In a Smart Home

Roomba is an automatic vacuum made by iRobot that rotates around the home sweeping up dirt. There are several different models that gradually get more advanced, with some including mopping functions and automatic dirt disposal.

Roomba Robot Vacuum Models:

iRobot Roomba i7

irobot smart vacuum i7

iRobot Roomba 890

irobot smart vacuum

iRobot Roomba 614

irobot smart vacuum 614

iRobot Roomba 960

irobot smart vacuum 960

iRobot Roomba 675

irobot smart vacuum 675

iRobot Roomba i7+with Automatic Dirt Disposal

Regardless of the specific model, Roomba iRobot vacuums have built-in sensors that help them to navigate through small areas in a house without bumping into any objects. Additionally, they are able to detect the spaces in the home that have not yet been vacuumed and move around in a pattern accordingly.

Roomba devices come with a base that is used to charge the battery. The base is where the Roomba will begin cleaning and also where it will end up when it is finished with the entire area.

Roomba is easy and convenient for everyone to use, and can be helpful in a lot of situations. Having an automatic vacuum that takes itself around every inch of your home and cleans it thoroughly without lifting a finger makes household chores easier than ever.

Not only does Roomba pick up dirt and dust all by itself with just the push of a button, but it is also compatible with other smart home devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. This way, you can control your Roomba with just the sound of your voice instead.

Using Roomba With Google Home

Google Home is a compact smart home device that can be controlled by voice commands and responds to conversational dialogue. Your Roomba can be connected to your Google Home device to make the process of automatic vacuuming even easier.

How To Connect Roomba To Google Home:

  1. Download the iRobot Home App
  2. Make sure Roomba is connected to Wi-Fi
  3. Find “Get Started” in the app menu to begin setup
  4. Establish commands in the Google Home app
  5. Follow the directions in your Google Home app to connect your Roomba to Google Assistant
  6. Wait for Google Home to indicate Roomba has been successfully connected, and begin stating commands.

In order to connect your Roomba to a Google Home device, you will need to download the iRobot Home App on your mobile device. It is important to make sure that the version of this software is the most recent version that is up to date before starting setup.

You will also need to make sure that your Roomba device is properly connected to the wireless internet network in your home.

Once these things have been established, you will need to open the iRobot Home App and find “Get Started” in the main menu. From the Google Assistant app, you will need to establish the command of your choice that you will use to call out to Roomba fro your Google Home device.

This can be something like “Ok Google, talk to Roomba.” After this, you will need to follow the directions that are displayed in the Google Home app to link the two devices together. Google Home will let you know when this step has been completed, and from there you will be able to talk to your Roomba.

After the setup is complete, you will be able to say “Ok Google, tell Roomba to start cleaning,” and your robot vacuum will depart from its base and begin cleaning.

Using Roomba With Amazon Alexa

Alexa is an electronic virtual assistant that is integrated into a convenient smart home device. Created by Amazon, the Alexa technology is able to carry out similar functions to the Google Home, including setting alarms, playing music, and controlling nearby electronic devices.

When it was first invented, Alexa was introduced within the Amazon Echo software, and gradually developed into its own device in later years. It is compatible with thousands of smart home devices and third-party applications that will make your home life run smoothly.

One of the smart home devices that Alexa is compatible with is the Roomba robot vacuum. Just like any other electronic device, the Roomba can be operated by voice control when you notify your Alexa that you would like it to begin cleaning.

How To Connect Roomba To Amazon Alexa:

  1. Enable the Roomba Alexa Skill from the Amazon website
  2. Create a Roomba account in the iRobot Home app
  3. Log in to your Roomba account
  4. Establish a set of commands for Roomba
  5. Wait for Alexa to connect to your Roomba

To connect your Roomba to an Amazon Alexa device, you will need to start by enabling the Roomba Alexa skill. This can be done directly through Amazon’s website and is as simple as pressing a button that says “Enable” on the application page.

Within the same webpage link, you will be asked to log in to your existing Roomba account. These are the same credentials you would use to access the iRobot Home mobile app. Once you have entered your username and password to log in, you will be able to enable the skill and set up a series of commands.

The actions that are associated with Roomba and Alexa include asking it to begin or end a cleaning job, sending it back to its base, checking the status of the device, and locating it around your home.

These controls will trigger a reaction from the Roomba that can be anything from moving it to a specific location to sending a message to your smart home device that will communicate things about the Roomba to you out loud.

The advanced technology that is embedded in both the software of your Google Home or Alexa and the Roomba will allow you to ask your device where the Roomba is in the house and it will speak the answer back to you within seconds.

That’s right, Roombas can talk too!

Not only do Roomba voice controls make it overly simple to start, stop, and direct your machine, but you can also avoid looking everywhere around the house for your robot vacuum in the event that you cannot immediately locate it.

In conclusion, the Roomba robot vacuum is a great addition to any smart home that will automatically keep your floors clean at all times. Instead of the old-fashioned method of pushing a button to start you Roomba, you can choose to connect it to your voice-activated Google or Amazon for an even more user-friendly experience.

Related Questions

Do Google Home and Amazon Alexa offer any additional features for Roomba that can’t be used on the app?

Although Google Home and Amazon Alexa both allow the user to control the device with voice commands instead of manually from the mobile app, they do not offer any unique actions that could not be carried out from the iRobot app. The only difference between the two is the convenience of the voice controls over pushing a button.

Can Google Home and Amazon Alexa be used at the same time within the same home or even the same room?

Yes. Google Home and Amazon Alexa can both work together in the same home and exist harmoniously. They can even be placed in the same room without interfering with each other. However, the user should be careful not to assign the exact same tasks to both devices to avoid any kind of clash between the two.

Can Google Home and Amazon Alexa work together to control one Roomba device at the same time?

While it is true that both Google Home and Amazon Alexa have the capability to control the Roomba by voice command and they can both be used in the same home, they are not able to actually work together. Instead, they can each respond to commands regarding the Roomba one at a time and effectively carry out the functions.

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