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Does Roku Ultra Work On Multiple TVs?

Last Updated Jul 26, 2022
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The Roku Ultra streaming box allows you to convert any television in your home into a smart TV. If you have decided to migrate to the Roku Ultra streaming experience and have more than two TVs in your home, you may be wondering if you can connect the Roku Ultra to multiple TVs.

The Roku Ultra can only connect to one TV at a time. It is a streaming media player and does not include a broadcast signal. However, you can unplug and move the device to another television whenever you want to.

Roku Ultra is gaining a solid footing in the world of streaming media. Below, we will discuss more information on this media player and how you can use it on any television in your home. Keep reading to learn more!

Does the Roku Ultra Work with Multiple TVs?

The Roku Ultra can connect to any television with a functioning HDMI port. However, it does not allow you to stream on two or more TVs simultaneously. The Roku Ultra has only one slot for the HDMI connection and does not include a broadcast signal.

The easiest way to stream Roku on different TV screens is to physically move the device between televisions. You can unplug the HDMI cord from one TV, then plug it into another. However, if you’re not comfortable shuffling the device around, there are a few ways you can play Roku content on multiple devices.

How to Stream Roku Content on Multiple TVs

While it’s impossible to connect a single Roku Ultra streaming player to multiple TVs, there are plenty of ways to stream the array of content available from Roku on televisions throughout your home. These include:

  • Buying a second Roku Ultra
  • Investing in a Roku streaming stick

Below, we will discuss each of these two options.

Buying a Separate Roku Ultra

As we mentioned above, each Roku device can only play content on the TV it’s currently connected to. If you want to forego cable service and use Roku exclusively, purchasing a second Roku Ultra device to connect to a different TV is a great option.

Investing in a Roku Streaming Stick

Although the Roku Ultra is Roku’s most powerful streaming player, it is also their most expensive. If you want to stream Roku content on multiple devices without breaking the bank, consider a Roku streaming stick instead.

You are free to connect as many as 20 Roku devices to one Roku account. So, no matter how many televisions you have in your home, you can easily connect a Roku device to each and use them all under the same account.

Can the Roku Ultra Be Connected Wirelessly?

The Roku Ultra uses a wired HDMI digital output to connect to a television. Unfortunately, it does not have the capabilities for a wireless connection.

No matter what type of TV you own, the Roku Ultra can only function when connected to both a power source and an HDMI port. The only wireless capability the device has is Bluetooth compatibility, which allows you to cast content from your phone or computer to your television screen.

Can You Use Roku Ultra on Any TV?

As long as your television includes at least one HDMI port, you should have no problem using your Roku Ultra with it. If you have an older TV model that only features an RCA connection, you can still connect your streaming player through an adapter.

The Roku Ultra has 4K streaming capabilities. For a more enjoyable experience, use the streaming player on a 4K TV or one that offers High Dynamic Range (HDR).

What TVs Are Best to Use Roku Ultra On?

Perhaps you are in the market for a new television and looking for something that will give you the best experience possible with your Roku Ultra. Some great TVs to consider include:

Although it will give you better visual quality, using a 4K TV with your Roku Ultra is not necessary. The 4K feature only represents the TV’s high video quality resolution. You will still experience high-quality streaming through services like Netflix, Prime Video, and many others.

Overall, the quality of your TV is not a determining factor in whether your Roku Ultra will function adequately. All you need is an HDMI port.


You can only connect the Roku Ultra streaming player to one television at a time. But, you can bypass this issue by purchasing a second Roku Ultra box or getting a Roku streaming stick. If neither option is feasible, you can always unplug the device and move it between TVs. The Roku Ultra is not selective about the TV it connects to. You only need an HDMI port, which is included on most modern smart TVs.

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