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Does Roku Ultra Have an Ethernet Port?

Last Updated Jul 5, 2022
Ethernet cable plugged into router

Currently known as Roku’s best streamer, Roku Ultra has an improved WiFi connection that lets you connect to the internet from a farther range than its predecessors. However, the long-range connection also makes WiFi susceptible to interference from different sources. That begs for a more reliable internet connection, like what an Ethernet cable can provide. But, does the Roku Ultra have an Ethernet port?

The Roku Ultra does have an Ethernet port, which enables users to connect it directly to their routers. This offers an alternative to the wireless connection your Roku Ultra runs on by default.

Where is the Ethernet port on Roku Ultra, and how do you set up a wired connection? Keep reading to learn more about Ethernet connectivity on Roku Ultra streaming boxes!

Can You Connect an Ethernet Cable to the Roku Ultra?

The Roku Ultra is one of two Roku streamers with an Ethernet port. While most people choose to set their streaming boxes up wirelessly through a WiFi connection, there are quite a few advantages of using an Ethernet connection. Some of these include:

  • A more stable connection
  • A more secure connection
  • A more reliable connection
  • A more consistent and faster internet speed

There are tons of advantages of using an Ethernet connection over a WiFi connection. However, it’s important to remember that the Ethernet cable will always need to be plugged in to maintain internet connectivity.

Nevertheless, connecting your Roku Ultra through a wired connection typically makes for a better streaming experience. Below, we will discuss how you can connect your Roku Ultra streaming box to the internet via the Ethernet port.

How to Connect Your Roku Ultra to the Internet via the Ethernet Port

To use an Ethernet connection with your Roku Ultra, you will need an Ethernet cable. While the Roku Ultra does include an HDMI cable and a power adapter, you will not find an Ethernet cable in the box. For this reason, you will need to purchase the cord separately.

Before you purchase an Ethernet cable, make sure to take a look at its speed specifications. Ensure you purchase a high-quality cable that offers a fast connection to enjoy streaming over an uninterrupted network.

Once you have your Ethernet cable, connect one end to the compatible port at the back of your Roku Ultra. Connect the other end to the same port on your router. Now, you can complete the connection on your Roku Ultra device.

Change Your On-Screen Settings to Allow for a Wired Connection

After connecting your Ethernet cable to the Roku Ultra streaming box and your router, follow the steps listed below to finish setting up your new wired connection.

  • Press the Home button on your Roku Ultra remote.
  • Navigate to Settings, then choose “Network.”
  • Scroll until you find the option to “Set Up Connection,” then select it.
  • Choose “Wired.”

Your Roku Ultra streaming box should connect automatically to the internet after following the steps above. If you just purchased your Roku Ultra, you will first need to complete the initial setup process before adjusting your on-screen settings.

When Should You Use Ethernet with Your Roku Ultra?

Despite its convenience, a wireless connection can be fickle. You may experience frequent losses of connection, resulting in a lot of annoying buffering as you try to stream movies and TV shows. This can deprive you of the smooth viewing experience these devices are known for.

If you face frequent network disruption issues, your best option is to use a wired Ethernet connection instead of a wireless connection. Since the Roku Ultra player rarely leaves its position, you can easily run a short Ethernet cable to your router for coverage. An Ethernet connection lets you enjoy better quality, more consistent streaming than a wireless network.

Ethernet Port vs. WiFi: Which is Better for Roku Ultra?

While Ethernet and WiFi both allow you to stream content over the internet, there are cases where one excels over the other. Wireless connection is the most convenient option and can provide connectivity to multiple devices at once. The Ethernet is typically a better option for stationary devices.

What makes your streaming experience great is quality resolution and an uninterrupted internet connection. Ethernet has a higher chance of making that happen, as WiFi is often subject to signal interference.

When you have the luxury of choosing between Ethernet and WiFi for streaming on Roku Ultra, select the former. A wired Ethernet network often gives you a more consistent and stable connection than a wireless network.


The Roku Ultra streaming box does include an Ethernet port, allowing users to choose a wired network over a wireless network. While WiFi connectivity is adequate for streaming on Roku Ultra, Ethernet can often provide a more stable connection. You can always shuffle between Ethernet and WiFi as needed, as both connectivity options are available for an optimum streaming experience while using the Roku Ultra.