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Does Roku Ultra Have A Sleep Timer?

Last Updated Jul 1, 2022

Watching your favorite shows at the end of the day is the perfect way to unwind and relax on the couch or in bed. You could be watching shows for hours and then fall asleep, only to wake up to spoilers in the next season. To stop this, you can use a sleep timer. The Roku Ultra is a popular streaming device, so does it have a sleep timer?

The Roku Ultra does not have a sleep timer. Roku does offer other devices that have a sleep timer. If you want to use a sleep timer with your Roku Ultra, there are some workarounds.

Roku Ultra comes from a brand with a variety of devices. From these devices, one can choose which of these brands can be the most beneficial for everyday usage.

What Roku Devices can use a Sleep Timer?

Since the Roku Ultra doesn’t have a sleep timer, you might be wondering if any Roku devices have a sleep timer.

Currently, Roku televisions are the only devices with a built-in sleep timer. If you want to use the sleep timer while using your Roku Ultra, you’ll have to use the built-in one on your TV.

There are a multitude of benefits provided by Roku’s other streaming devices as well as other devices of the Roku brand. To list, Roku has three types of streaming devices: 

  • Roku televisions have everything the Roku Audio and Player have with the added benefit of everything already installed into a television screen
  • Roku audio: a streaming device that plays music and controls sound emission 
  • Roku player: a streaming device that turns televisions into smart devices that play both music and video streaming services 

Each of these devices has a multitude of functions from which one can discern where they are the most useful.

How to use a Sleep Timer on Roku TV

Roku TVs are similar to streaming devices where the streaming is already built into the television without the need for anything extra. They have all the benefits of Roku audio and Roku Streamers but with no limitation to what they can provide.

For example, while the Roku Ultra has the benefits of a streaming device by providing service to many different audio and video applications, smart televisions that have Roku built into them have the same with the bonus of having settings that are implemented with all televisions.

The Roku TV sleep timer is accessible through this platform which can be reached in three ways. 

  • Through the remote: a button for the sleep function is placed on the remote.
  • Through the remote or Roku mobile app: If your Roku remote has a microphone button, you can press and hold it and say how long you’d like your TV to stay on for.
  • By selecting settings: In there, go to system, time, and then sleep timer in that order will give you the option to choose your time.

If you already have a Roku TV and end up purchasing and using a Roku Ultra, you can use the two together and force the sleep timer through the TV.

The Roku television also has other benefits that are common with most smart televisions, such as controls for brightness, contrast, sharpness, tint, and other settings that can be found in any other type of television. 

Roku Audio

They are a type of sound system which can work for various televisions regardless if they are connected to a Roku TV, another type of smart tv, or a regular television that provides no streaming service. It enhances the audio by controlling the volume at certain points that might harm hearing, making the audio more immersive for the viewer.

Although Roku Audio implements a timer in its system, it is only used as that rather than a function to control when to turn off the device.

There are some points where some audio devices will need other Roku devices to function properly. The Roku Streambar is a device that has a remote that can connect to various televisions but will not work with Roku Streaming devices due to how they function differently. 

Roku Player

These Roku devices provide streaming services to various applications such as Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify. It can make any television they are connected to into a smart device.

Some streaming devices might have more benefits than others. For example, a Roku Express device is a standard product with nothing to help it stand out from the other variations. In contrast, some streaming devices have higher quality, giving a smoother, clearer picture than others, such as the Roku Ultra.


Roku Ultra is a great streaming device when it is mainly used for its purpose. Roku Ultra’s streaming abilities are more proficient than the average streaming device. However, its platform as a streaming device is incapable of providing benefits compared to a Roku television.

If the consumer tries to use basic functions for the average television, like the sleep timer, it would be better to obtain a Roku television than go a roundabout way of trying to implement a setting not provided by a streaming device.

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