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Does Ring Spotlight Cam Work with SmartThings?

Last Updated Aug 18, 2021
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Originating as a Kickstarter campaign, SmartThings was later acquired by Samsung before joining the ranks of smart home platforms and devices. Using Z-wave and Zigbee wireless protocols, SmartThings is compatible with a wide array of devices. But does that include the Ring Spotlight Cam?

The wired Ring Spotlight Cam is compatible with SmartThings, which means that the Spotlight Camera can operate completely within the SmartThings automation ecosystem like it would on the Ring app or Alexa.

SmartThings doesn’t give you everything under the umbrella of a single app, but it does provide a “jack of all trades, master of none” approach to smart home automation. Read on to learn more about how to integrate your Ring Spotlight Cam with SmartThings.

How to Add Ring Spotlight Camera to SmartThings

To add a Ring Spotlight Cam to your Samsung SmartThings account, you’ll first need to download the app for Android or iOS devices. The process afterward only takes just a few steps.

  1. On the Home Screen, you’ll see a + symbol in the upper right-hand corner. Select it.
  2. From the menu, select Devices.
  3. The next menu is full of device categories in bubble icons. Scroll down to the Devices/Sensors category and select Camera.
  4. The next menu will have a few manufacturer categories, also in bubble icons—select Ring.
  5. The next screen will give you the option of setting your overall location and then the room you want to place the Spotlight Camera in. You can select Home, and if it’s somewhere else, you can name your location. When you select Room, tap the Add New Room tab on the next screen. Select Outdoor.
  6. Back on the Ring page, the remaining option is Supported Devices. Select it, and the following page will display the Ring devices compatible with SmartThings. Select Spotlight Cam Wired.

You’ll be directed to the login page for your Ring account. Once you’ve logged in, the accounts will link, and the Spotlight Cam will now be available under the Home Screen or Devices Screen of the SmartThings app.

How Does the Ring Spotlight Cam Work with SmartThings?

SmartThings connects the Ring Spotlight Cam with all of the app’s features and any Samsung devices you own. For instance, if you own a Samsung smart TV, you can set the TV up to receive and/or display Ring Spotlight Cam alerts.

  1. Open the SmartThings app on your Samsung TV.
  2. Since you’ve set up a SmartThings app and linked it to your Ring account, the Ring Spotlight Cam will show up here for you to select.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select Enable for Ring or Motion alerts.

From here on out, if your Ring Spotlight Cam detects motion, the alert will pop up on your Samsung TV screen. You’ll have the option to open the alert and view the Cam’s screen on your TV.

While you’ll have to adjust the motion settings and alerts for the Spotlight Cam through the Ring app, you’ll be able to do everything else through SmartThings. You’ll be able to check the Live Stream, view alerts, and set up SmartThings Scenes and/or Automation.

 How to Set Ring Spotlight Cam Automations with SmartThings

SmartThings automation is Samsung’s version of IFTTT or Alexa Routines. If you want to set up an automation for the Ring Spotlight Cam in the SmartThings app, all you have to do is go to Automations in the Home Screen.

  1. Select Automations from the bottom of the Home Screen.
  2. Select Add Automation.
  3. You’ll be presented with an If menu and a That menu.

From here, you get to choose several scenarios. For example, you can set a time of day that the Spotlight Cam will turn off, such as when you get home from work and don’t want to get alerts.

You can also set up how other devices in your ecosystem react to an alert from the Ring Spotlight Camera. In the If Menu, select Device Status to adjust the If scenario for the Ring Spotlight Cam.

You have four selections under the Then menu: Control Devices, Notify Someone, Change This Location’s Mode, or Run Scenes. This menu is where you set the action your smart home system takes when the Ring Spotlight Cam is activated.

Final Thoughts

SmartThings is an excellent smart home automation ecosystem, and fortunately, at least some Ring devices made the compatibility list. The Ring Spotlight Camera is an excellent product that is only improved by linking the SmartThings and Ring apps.

Signing into SmartThings and adding the Ring Spotlight Camera is easy and gives you a unique combination of features similar to Apple HomeKit or IFTTT. You can also link your SmartThings account with digital voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, And Hey Google.

SmartThings doesn’t do it all, but what it does do is effective. Combined with the Ring Spotlight Cam, it makes for an outstanding Smart Home security tool that you can access anywhere, including from your living room with select Samsung smart TVs.