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Does Ring Spotlight Cam Need Two Batteries?

Last Updated Jul 13, 2022
Several blue lithium batteries

One of the positives of the Ring Spotlight Cam is the battery. The lithium-ion 3.65V, 6040mAh, rechargeable battery is rated to last between six and twelve months, and they are very convenient to remove and charge. But, because the device has a two-battery compartment, you may be wondering if you need to get a second one.

The Ring Spotlight Cam doesn’t need a second battery. However, if your usage is necessarily excessive, you live in a typically very hot or cold environment, or you want your Spotlight Camera to remain running at all times, a second battery is likely needed.

Read on to learn more about whether you need two batteries for the Ring Spotlight Cam, as well as reasons why you would want to invest in a second battery.

Does the Ring Spotlight Cam Need a Second Battery?

If your Ring Spotlight Cam is set up for standard monitoring or casual usage, there probably isn’t a need for a second battery.

The Ring Spotlight is designed with a two-battery compartment and runs with only one battery inserted. A second battery will keep it running while you recharge the first. So with casual use, it’s a matter of convenience, especially considering that the batteries are inexpensive and long-lasting. 

What Are the Benefits of Two Batteries?

Outside of the extra expenditure, there are no cons to having a second battery for the Ring Spotlight Cam. The compartment is designed to hold a second battery for any eventuality, such as power loss, battery failure, or an excessive drain on battery life.

  • You will no longer have to turn off the Ring Spotlight Cam to charge the battery. The minimal recharging time is around 5 hours.
  • Adding a second battery isn’t complicated. The batteries snap into place, and pressing a lever releases them while gravity does the rest.
  • You can keep your Spotlight Camera settings maxed out without having to worry about the extra drain.
  • Temperature is less of an issue when it reduces one battery’s longevity.
  • It’s never a bad thing to have a backup in case of battery failure or a situation of prolonged power loss.

The way the Ring Spotlight Camera operates, it doesn’t drain both batteries at once but one at a time. With both batteries inserted, the camera switches to the next after one battery is drained, giving you months of opportunity to charge the first one back up.

Temperature Effects on Ring Spotlight Cam Battery

The Ring Spotlight Cam is designed to function nominally between -5 degrees Fahrenheit and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Sustained temperatures that fall above or below those levels have both negative and positive impacts on the battery.

Ring Spotlight Cams use lithium-ion batteries, and they are affected differently by the climate than alkaline batteries. Either temperature extreme provides good reasons to own a second battery.

  • Sustained Heat: Even below 120 degrees, long periods of heat affect lithium-ion batteries by increasing their efficacy and capacity. While that’s a positive effect, the downside is that the lifecycle of the battery is diminished.
  • Sustained Cold: Long-term cold temperatures have an immediately noticeable impact on lithium-ion batteries. Their overall capacity is reduced along with their voltage output.

If you live in areas with long-term, sustained temperature swings, such as Minnesota, Michigan, and Ohio for cold climate and Florida, Arizona, Texas, and Nevada with the hotter temperatures—both dry and humid—purchasing a second battery for the Ring Spotlight Cam is a pretty forward-thinking decision.

According to a study conducted by Scientific Reports, the lifecycle of a lithium-ion battery, exposed to sustained, extreme heat temperatures, is reduced by 6.7%. That may not seem like much, but it compiles over time and necessitates another battery to back up the original.

Recharging Ring Spotlight Cam Batteries

The Ring Spotlight packaging comes with a single battery and a micro-USB charging cable. You can also purchase an optional Ring battery charging station that will hold two in the cradle for simultaneous charging.

  1. Remove the battery from the Ring Spotlight Camera by pressing the button on the bottom, the backside of the camera to open the compartment.
  2. There are two metal tabs on the outside ends of the battery compartments. Press the one holding the battery you need to charge and pull the battery out.
  3. Using a charging station or a USB power block, plug the battery into the micro-USB cable.
  4. It generally takes five hours of charge time, but the type of power block and the battery’s condition could make it take longer.
  5. The amber light on the battery exterior indicates charging. When the battery is at maximum charge, both the amber and green lights will turn on and stay solid.

Once the battery is charged, you can either hold on to it until the other battery is low or place it back in the second slot in the ring Spotlight Camera. If the weather isn’t optimal for the batteries, hold onto it inside to protect the battery from excessive heat or cold until it’s time to use it.

Final Thoughts

There’s no downside to owning a second Ring battery for the Spotlight Camera. The camera has a place for it in its compartment housing, after all. If you live in an area where excessive heat and cold aren’t an issue, and you only use the camera moderately, you may have no use for an extra.

For everyone else, not having to shut down the Ring Spotlight every time the battery needs to charge is a convenience. Extreme weather temperatures that affect the life cycle of the battery will also be mitigated.

It’s a relatively low price to pay for an added layer of security, but an extra battery can save you some frustration down the road, along with some added convenience along the way.