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Does Ring Have a Glass Break Sensor?

Last Updated Sep 23, 2022
Breaking glass

Keeping your family safe is likely one of the most important things to you. While your home may be a safe place, it is still at risk of the unthinkable. Adding a security system to your home is a great way to keep your family safe in your home. 

Ring security systems are some of the best on the market today due to their glass break sensors.

Not only can they help capture unwanted guests, but they can also alert you should an incident arise. When it comes to your home, there are a few better options than the Ring camera system. Keep reading to learn more about the glass break sensor technology Ring offers. 

Why Choose Ring?

Learning more about the available security options is key if you want to protect your home. When it comes to keeping your family safe, there are few companies that do a better job than the Ring brand.

Many know Ring because of its innovative security doorbell that has a built-in camera feature. However, the company offers a wide range of security products that you can trust. 

One of the best things about Ring is that they allow you to create the security system you want based on your home’s needs. You can always purchase the 14-piece Ring Alarm Pro System if you want to cover your home completely. 

However, you can customize your protection through one of the other great products from Ring, such as:

Overall, Ring offers everything you need to keep your home safe. You can always add more to your system to get proper protection. 

Adding a Glass Break System to Your Ring

As mentioned, one of the many products offered by Ring is its glass break sensor systems. Whether you live in a relatively safe neighborhood or need a bit more protection, these sensors are great for any home. They can give you peace of mind and keep your loved ones safe.

If you are on the fence about adding glass break systems to your home, it is important to think over how these devices can help you.

Just some of the many reasons you may want to purchase glass break sensors are:

  • They can be added to practically any surface, protecting both doors and windows.
  • You will be alerted as soon as the glass breaks. Whether this is an accident or something malicious, you will know the second something happens.
  • You can customize the number of sensors you use. Whether you want just a few or one on every window, these sensors can be placed all over your home. 
  • The Ring glass break sensors are easy to place and very small. They are never unsightly or easily noticed. 

Whether you already have a Ring system or you simply want to add these glass break sensors, purchasing some for your home is an excellent option. 

How Do the Glass Break Sensors Work? 

Of course, before you make any major purchases, you will want to ensure you understand how these sensors work. Luckily, the glass break sensors from Ring are easy to use and can be installed by practically anyone. 

The sensors use a unique AI technology that detects the sound of breaking glass. This is very innovative but has been proven to work well time and again. The AI technology used can detect the sound of breaking glass for up to 25 feet. 

When the sound of broken glass is detected, you will immediately be alerted on your mobile device. If you have a Ring Alarm system, you can also set it up to sound an alarm when this is detected.

This can deter whomever, or whatever may be entering your home. 

Installing Your Glass Break Sensor

Using your Ring glass break sensors is extremely simple. Practically anyone can install these sensors and your home will be substantially more protected with just a little work.

Each of your Ring glass break sensors comes with the following:

  • The sensors are sold in sets of two.
  • Sensors are equipped with AA batteries pre-installed. 
  • Each box of sensors comes with 4 plastic wall anchors and 4 flat-head screws. 

Mounting the Ring glass break systems is very simple. However, should you need more help with this process, the sensors will come with a user manual that displays how to mount and use each device. 

Keep Your Home Safe with Ring Glass Break Sensors

Your home is one of the most important things to your family, and keeping it safe is extremely critical. While the Ring security system as a whole is a great way to protect your home, the glass breaking sensors by Ring are an amazing addition.

Whether you want the entire system or just these sensors, Ring can stop crime in its footsteps and keep your family safe. 

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