Ring and ADT are both systems that are popularly used to base a smart home network on, but their integration with each other is limited. Floodlight capability is one Ring component that can be hooked into the ADT home monitoring network.

Ring Floodlights work with ADT Pulse, but cannot be connected to ADT’s Command and Control system. Ring floodlights are only partially integrated with ADT’s remote access software. The floodlights can be controlled from a smart device, but not from ADT’s main control center.

You can use both Ring and ADT systems as part of the same overarching smart home network, but to do so you need to know how these two systems integrate with each other. Keep reading to learn more about how Ring Floodlight works with ADT’s security systems.

Do Ring and ADT Systems Work Together?

Ring Floodlights can be used with ADT security systems, but the control of the floodlights through ADT is limited. While Ring Floodlights can be connected into the ADT system through the ADT Pulse app, they can’t be controlled from ADT’s main control hub, the Command and Control Center.

ADT Pulse vs. ADT Command and Control

The main integration issue with Ring Floodlights and the ADT security system is with floodlight control through the ADT software. ADT has taken steps to allow homeowners to control their Ring Floodlights or other third-party wireless spotlights from the ADT Pulse software app, but there are currently no options to control the floodlights from ADT’s command center.

Does this mean you can’t control your floodlights from home? The answer is thankfully no. Since ADT also offers a control system through its ADT Pulse app, you can use your nearest phone or smart device to control the floodlights rather than the touchpad.

Since many customers use the phone app to control their ADT system rather than the touchpad anyway, this isn’t a major inconvenience for homeowners.

How Does the Ring Floodlight Operate?

The Ring Floodlight is a wireless floodlight system that can use wireless broadband to connect into a primary home security network such as ADT. Ring Floodlights can be set to trigger exterior home lights whenever motion is detected around security cameras or sensors. This serves several purposes (Source: White Electric):

  • Theft deterrence: Floodlights can help prevent burglaries and home invasions by scaring off intruders whenever a threat is detected. Since many burglars will flee at the sign of an active security system, this can help prevent break-ins.
  • Wildlife deterrence: Ring Floodlights can be connected around chicken coops, gardens, trash can stations, or other areas outdoors where you want to deter local wildlife from roaming around.
  • Easy access: Ring Floodlights set up around home entrances can help homeowners find their keys and get into the house more easily than if these areas were dark. Exterior lighting is especially helpful if you’re coming home late and trying to dig around in a bag for your house keys.
  • Reducing trip hazards: Not having enough exterior lighting after dark can lead to nasty spills and falls if you have uneven terrain. Floodlights make it easy to see where you’re going if you’re coming home at night.
  • Lighting security cameras: In order to capture footage when motion is detected, the cameras on your outdoor security cameras need to have proper lighting. Floodlights ensure that your security cameras will catch clear imagery of any disturbances outside your home caught by motion detectors.

Floodlights are an important part of making your entire home safer, so it’s a good thing they’re easy to add onto your ADT security system through the ADT Pulse app.

How Long Does the Ring Floodlight Stay On?

The Ring Floodlight is set to stay on for thirty seconds by default settings, but these settings can be adjusted from the Ring app software. (Source: Smart Home Point) You can even set your Ring Floodlights to stay on perpetually if you want to use them to light your exterior all night.

However, it’s not recommended to leave the floodlights on constantly since they’re battery-operated. This will run down the batteries in your Ring Floodlights more quickly.

How Bright Is the Ring Floodlight?

Ring Floodlights contain 2,000 lumens of light, making these floodlights one of the brightest forms of exterior lighting for your home. (Source: Ring) This is the standard number of lumens used in lighting designed for security systems and outdoor landscaping spotlights. (Source: Recessed Lights Pro)

Ring Floodlights aren’t quite as bright as daylight, but they’re at least as bright as interior office lighting. This means they’re bright enough to clearly illuminate anything in your yard or residence.

Ring Floodlights and ADT Work Together Well

Even though you can’t manipulate your Ring floodlights from the ADT control center, there are still plenty of other options available for controlling your Ring Floodlights while also using an ADT security system. The ability to control your floodlights through the ADT app or the Ring app gives you remote accessibility regardless of whether you’re home or not.