One invaluable ability of the Ring Doorbell is its recording capabilities. Being able to see live video of who is at your door, along with the option to record and store these interactions, is a boost to your home’s security profile. Whether you want to just see live interactions as they happen or download and save these recordings for later use, Ring has an option for every situation.

Using high-quality motion capture technology, your Ring Doorbell provides a record of every interaction that takes place at your home. You can choose to utilize the live capabilities alone or subscribe to an economic plan that also stores and saves your videos.

Deciding which method of video interaction is best for you doesn’t have to be challenging. Keep reading to find out the best choice for your home security needs.

How Does the Ring Doorbell Record?

Your Ring Doorbell records events by utilizing motion capture. Even if you do not have a Ring Protect Plan (a service you can purchase that downloads and stores videos for later retrieval), you can watch live interactions as they occur using the Ring App. Whether there is a package being delivered or someone presses your doorbell, the camera will begin recording.

Does Ring Record 24/7?

There are currently no Ring products that provide around-the-clock recording. Utilizing the snapshot feature and motion capture video activation is the only way that you can view activity seen by your Ring Doorbell.

Taking a look at the Ring community posts, you will find that it is an often-requested feature that will hopefully be implanted in the future.

Ring Doorbell Video Recording Options

Ring offers different options for your doorbell videos. Comparing the different plans can help you decide which option fits your needs:

Free PlanProtect Basic PlanProtect Plus Plan
Live VideoXXX
Motion NotificationsXXX
Two Way AudioXXX
Theft ProtectionXXX
Save and Share Video XX
60 Day Video Saving XX
Snapshot Capturing XX
Video Monitor 24/7  X
Alarm Backup to Cell  X
Extended Warranty  X
10% Discount on Certain Ring Products  X

Both the Protect Basic and Protect Plus plans provide excellent recording options.

How Long Can Ring Doorbell Record?

If you want to see a longer video of the activity at your home, several Ring Doorbells allow you to set the recording times for interactions. Choose between recording lengths of 15 to 120 seconds if you own the following Ring products:

How to Change the Recording Times for Ring Doorbell

The Ring App provides an easy way to change the recording times for each of your Ring Doorbell devices. If you choose to have different recording lengths for each device, you can adjust the recording length to one that fits your needs.

  • Open the Ring App and tap the three lines on the top left of your Dashboard.
  • Tap on Devices and choose the device you would like to adjust.
  • Tap Device Settings.
  • Tap Video Recording Length
  • Tap Max Recording Length and choose from 15 to 120 seconds to set your preference.

Do Higher Tiered Protect Plans Provide Longer Video Recordings?

There is no difference in the available video recording length between Protect plans from Ring. The recording lengths detailed above apply to both the Basic and Plus Protect Plans. The advantage of the Plus version of the plan is to add in the benefits of video monitoring for emergencies and other extended benefits not related to recording.

Can You Record on Ring Doorbell Without a Protect Plan?

If you choose not to subscribe to a monthly Protect Plan for your Ring doorbell, you can still watch live videos. However, no video is recorded on your Ring Doorbell if you haven’t chosen a Protect Plan for your device. There is no option to save any video or snapshots that you capture without a plan.

Choosing a plan from Ring will provide you with records of each video interaction and the ability to store these videos for sixty days.

Benefits of a Protect Plan for Your Ring Doorbell

One of the more popular benefits of having a Protect Plan for your Ring Doorbell is not just the capability of saving your doorbell interactions but the option to share them.

As more people are installing these devices in their homes, communities can come together to share interactions that occur at their properties. Whether you are sharing a priceless moment from a visitor that you missed or sending a saved recording to neighbors and law enforcement after a concerning incident, the option to share can make all the difference.


Now that you know all the benefits of Ring Doorbell recording abilities and options, you can decide on which plan is right for you. Make your home secure and monitored just the way you want it to be with Ring Doorbell.