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Does Ring Doorbell Pro 2 Require a Subscription?

Last Updated Aug 9, 2022
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The Ring Doorbell Pro 2 is a great home security tool. This premium doorbell lets you see footage in HD+ while using advanced motion tracking to keep you aware of what is happening around your home. You may be wondering if you need a subscription to access these features.

The Ring Doorbell Pro 2 does not require a subscription. Using a Ring Doorbell Pro 2 with a subscription only adds features to it, but general functionality is provided. Users seeking to get more out of their Ring device may want to opt for a subscription.

If you are interested in purchasing a Ring Doorbell Pro 2, read on below to find out more about whether you need a subscription to use it.

Does Ring Doorbell Pro 2 Require a Subscription?

The Ring Doorbell Pro 2 is a premium wired doorbell that can be easily hooked up to a former setup. Known for its head-to-toe HD+ video, its powerful two-way talk system, and the increased accuracy of 3D motion detection, this doorbell can make your home security significantly more efficient.

While Ring does offer a subscription plan for its users, the Ring Doorbell Pro 2 does not require one. The Ring Protect plan simply adds to the features that can be enjoyed with the doorbell, but users can have access to the basic ones at any time.

The Ring Doorbell Pro 2 was released in 2021 and had since been providing users with enhanced protection thanks to its state-of-the-art technology. If you are very interested in unlocking the full potential of the Ring Doorbell Pro 2, you can opt for a subscription.

What Is Ring Protect?

The Ring Protect subscription service offers additional features you can use with the Ring Doorbell Pro 2. It adds a host of perks that can increase the number of benefits you get from your home security system.

There are three options for Ring Protect plans that cover the Ring Doorbell Pro 2, each at different price points:

  • Basic: For $3.99 a month, this Ring Protect plan grants you access to enhanced home security features for your Ring Doorbell Pro 2. A great choice for those wishing to enjoy more perks at a low price point.
  • Plus: For $10 a month, the Ring Protect Plus plan adds extended warranties to all the basic perks.
  • Pro: The most comprehensive plan for the Ring Doorbell Pro 2, this Protect option gives you access to every single feature available, as well as enhanced Ring Alarm monitoring.

What Can You Use Without a Subscription?

As the Ring Doorbell Pro 2 doesn’t require a subscription to work, there is plenty you can do without paying for an extra Protect plan. When you purchase your Ring Doorbell, you will get to enjoy its main features right away.

The Ring Doorbell Pro 2 comes with a tool kit that helps you easily wire it to your existing doorbell wiring and chime. This means you will have full functionality as soon as you install it.

Once you have your Ring Doorbell Pro 2 setup ready, you can go ahead and reap the rewards. Your new home security device will give you Head-to-Toe HD+ video, Audio+ Two-Way Talk, and 3D Motion Detection with Bird’s Eye View.

All of these features will allow you to enjoy further security for your home that you can access from the Ring app at any time. When you are away from home, you will receive alerts in real-time on your app whenever motion is detected.

It will also allow you to talk to people at your door, whether it’s couriers or visitors stopping by to check-in. This gives you more control over the safety of your home, which grants further peace of mind when you are at work or on holiday.

What Are the Benefits of a Ring Doorbell Pro 2 Subscription?

While you can use plenty of features without a subscription, the Protect plans can unlock more potential for the Ring Doorbell Pro 2. While the price points and the perks differ between the plans, they each have extensive benefits to offer.

With each plan, users will be able to unlock the possibility of recording video. This will create a video history that can be saved for up to 180 days. Videos will be recorded during specific live events, such as motion detection. They can then be shared or saved on other devices.

Every Protect plan also grants access to snapshot capture, person alerts, and rich photo notifications that don’t require you to open the app to know what’s happening.  Select products on Amazon and Ring will also receive a 10% discount for Doorbell Pro 2 owners.

In addition, Plus Protect plans include extended warranties for all Ring devices. Pro Protect plans add extensive functionality, featuring 24/7 professional monitoring and Alexa Guard Plus.


The Ring Doorbell Pro 2 does not require a subscription to work as intended. The Ring Protect subscription service adds features to the Doorbell that are ideal for users looking to get more out of their home security experience.