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Does Ring Chime Work with Two Doorbells?

Last Updated Jul 6, 2022
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The most popular feature of Ring system technology is its doorbell monitoring technology. Using the Ring app, homeowners can monitor the front door and even greet guests through the microphone. But what about if you want to monitor more than one door?

Ring Chime can work with multiple doorbells if the system has enough wireless connectivity to support the Ring network. Hooking up Ring Chime with multiple doorbells allows the homeowner to monitor every entrance to their house.

Ring Chime allows you to set up security cameras at every doorbell in your home. There are a few technical limitations to consider if you’re planning on programming your Ring Chime for more than one entrance, however. Keep reading to learn more about how Ring Chime works with multiple doorbells.

Ring Chime Works with Multiple Doorbells

The Ring Chime’s ability to work with multiple doorbells connected under one umbrella system makes it easy for homeowners to monitor all the entrances to their home, not just the front door. (Source: Ring Support) While having a Ring doorbell is useful for greeting guests at the front door, that’s not the only entrance where you might end up with waiting visitors.

Connecting your Ring doorbells to multiple doors on the home not only allows you to greet guests at every entrance, it also sets you up with multiple angles of security camera footage on your home’s exterior. These cameras can then be set to go off and record footage whenever motion is detected.

This camera footage can be crucial evidence in case of the following situations:

  • Theft and burglary: With the sharp uptick in packages ordered and delivered to people’s homes, there has also been a rise in the number of thefts where thieves will walk right up to a person’s porch to steal their packages. These ‘porch pirates’ and other thieves can be deterred with a doorbell camera security system like Ring offers.
    (Source: Patch)

  • Vandalism and trespassing: Vandalism and trespassing can be difficult to catch, especially if they occur at night when the household sleeps. Setting up the Ring doorbell system to detect motion can help catch any criminals that might try to invade your property.

  • Wildlife intrusion: If you’ve got a mysterious issue with the trash getting rummaged through or backyard chickens getting killed, Ring doorbell cameras can be used to act as a webcam to detect any motion from invading raccoons, opossums, stray dogs, feral cats, or other pests.

  • Evidence of service calls: If you have a worker stop by to walk your dog or perform housekeeping, camera footage from your Ring doorbells can show you exactly who is going in and out of your home and what they’re doing.

Ring doorbell systems are useful for letting homeowners know when someone’s at the door, but there are many other uses to this versatile system that make it well worth the money to install.

Can You Connect Two Ring Doorbells?

Two Ring doorbells can be connected under the same Ring Chime system. All the homeowner has to do is go into the Ring app on their smart device and add each doorbell manually to the Ring system. This will allow the homeowner to inspect the camera at each doorbell location from the same user interface on their smart device.

It isn’t just doorbells that can be linked together using the Ring system. You can also link devices such as floodlights and contact sensors to your doorbell system so that each of these security components works seamlessly together as a team to enhance your home security. (Source: Ring Support)

How Many Doorbells Can You Link to a Ring Chime?

The Ring Chime system can support as many Ring doorbells as you have the wireless connectivity and broadband to support. (Source: Ring Support)

If you’re having difficulty getting doorbells that are furthest away from your Ring Chime to connect to the system, there’s a solution. You can either move the model controlling the Ring system closer to the doorbell that is having reception issues, or you can purchase a Ring Chime Pro to act as a wireless extender.

Can You Pair Multiple Chimes to One Doorbell?

You can pair multiple Ring Chime systems to each Ring doorbell in your house using the Ring software app. The reason for this is to allow homeowners to use additional Chime units to extend their wireless coverage. This can be a solution for homeowners that experience difficulty with connectivity and need to increase the range of their Ring network.

Why Pair Ring Chime with Multiple Doorbells?

There are many reasons to pair Ring Chime with two or more doorbells in your home. Here are just a few of them:

  • More comprehensive smart home system: Making sure you have a sensor and camera at every entrance ensures that there are no weak points in your home’s security system.

  • Control multiple buildings: Using the Share feature, you can access motion detection and notifications for doorbells at multiple households or buildings. This is convenient for people who are trying to monitor multiple properties at once for security.

  • Answer visitors at multiple entrances: If your home features a main entrance and a side entrance, you may have guests coming to either door. Chime will alert you where your visitors are arriving no matter what entrance they come through.

Monitoring the front door is the least of Ring Chime’s capabilities. Paired with a strong Internet connection, this device allows you to monitor every entrance to your home in real-time.

Ring Chime Is a Versatile Tool

Monitoring your home’s entrances with security cameras can be stressful, especially if it has two or more of them to watch over. An interconnected system of Ring doorbell cameras can give you a crystal-clear shot of any doorway in the house on the same convenient dashboard.