Ring Chime Pro is a multifunctioning accessory that services as a Wi-Fi extension and an in-home doorbell, notifying users of any motion detections or other concerns. It is vital for those who cannot get a strong signal between their Wi-Fi router and their Ring devices but can also help those who enjoy being notified of things like doorbell presses, for example. But, can the Ring Chime Pro work with all Ring 2 devices?

Any Ring 2 or other product with a 2.4Ghz network will function with Ring Chime Pro 1st generation. For 2nd generation Ring Chime Pro accessories, both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz network products are supported.

Ring Chime Pro 1st and 2nd generation accessories act as “amplifiers” for home security. They both function by performing inherit functions such as extending Wi-Fi, sending Ring alerts, and have other unique features to offer. Before buying, it is vital to know that the compatibility depends on the type of Wi-Fi connectivity, which is the same for both. All Chime Pro models have 2.4Ghz network compatibilities, which means they will work with all Ring devices.

Ring Chime Pro and Other Ring Device Compatibility

Ring Chime Pro functions mainly by establishing a more secure connection between Ring products. As mentioned above, the actual setup of the Chime pro is rather simple. With both Chime generations having 2.4Ghz compatibility (which is the standard Wi-Fi connectivity for all Ring products), the devices are compatible with all Ring devices, regardless of the generation.  

Connecting Ring Devices to Ring Chime Pro (1st and 2nd gen)

When you’ve identified the device(s) you want to connect to the Chime Pro, you’ll first have to optimize spacing between your Wi-Fi router, the device you need the extended signal for, and the Chime Pro itself. This process works slightly different depending on which generation device you own, and becomes trickier when multiple devices need the range of the Chime Pro.

Ring Chime Pro (1st Generation)

1st generation users must identify where the device needs to be, how well to space your device, and how to space out the Chime Pro from that device evenly between it and your Wi-Fi router. From there, the instructions are congruent with both generations and can be found in this Ring FAQ here.

Ring Chime Pro (2nd Generation)

2nd generation users have the new audio/verbal feedback feature directing them towards the best-optimized location for their Chime Pro. In the setup process, feedback will be provided for you to use, and upon finding the best location, the same instructions as in the FAQ above can be used.

Ultimately, the differences between generations are more for feasibility rather than longevity or innovation. The sleeker design, available nightlight, feedback instructions, customizability of ringtones, and 5Ghz compatibility comprise the list of features that the 2nd generation Chime Pro has that the 1st generation model does not. The best part: the 2nd generation model is essentially the only one on the market that Ring offers, so these features will most be the ones you purchase.

2nd Generation Ring Products and Compatibility

Though some of the 2nd generation Ring products have been phased out (most notably the Video Doorbell 2), it is still important to know which products will work with Ring Chime Pro.

Simply put, the compatibility depends on the compatible networks, and all Ring Chime Pro accessories and Ring devices have the same network connectivity option of 2.4Ghz. Here is the short list of 2nd generation products that support Ring Chime Pro:

These comprise the second generation of Ring products, but as mentioned, any Ring device with a 2.4Ghz network will work with either Chime Pro generation. Simply look up if your product has a 2.4Ghz network in the Ring app by selecting your device.

*Note: The “quick switch” battery is what differentiates Ring Video Doorbell 2 from Video Doorbell 2nd generation.

Final Thoughts

The question that can now be asked is, “Which products don’t work with Ring Chime Pro?” The simplest response is any device that cannot be set up in the Ring app.

This means that all Ring devices that use Wi-Fi, and use 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi for connectivity, can be paired with Ring Chime Pro. This consists of devices such as doorbells and cameras, which with the Chime Pro can experience greater Wi-Fi coverage and provide a more feasible way of living with home security.