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Does Ring Camera Work With Google Home?

Last Updated Aug 22, 2021
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Home security is key to peace of mind. That’s why so many people are using Ring Cameras to watch their doorstep. If you yourself are thinking of using a Ring Camera and you already have Google Home, you’re probably wondering if you can integrate the two instead of having to outfit your house with a new smart system.

Ring cameras can be made to work with Google Home, even though they are  competitors. Still, There are some limitations to their compatibility. You can’t use them to view live video, or take advantage of some of the casting features. That said, some of this can be gotten around.   

If you’re trying to get your Ring camera to work with your google home, you’ve come to the right place. Below we will walk you through how you can connect your Ring camera to your Google home. We will explain how to get the most out of using them together, while clearly outlining their limitations when used in conjunction. 

How Do I Link My Ring Camera to My Google Home?

You can add the ring camera to your google home by first logging into your account on the Google Home Assistant page for services. Once logged in, you can follow the steps on the Ring page to connect. You’ll just need to enter in some information on both your Ring and Google Accounts. 

Once all you information is entered in, follow each of these steps to get your Ring connected: 

  • Click on “Send to Device”: A menu should appear where you can select which device/devices you want to pair with your Ring Camera. You can pair it with one device or multiple, depending on how you want to use the camera. 
  • Select a device from Available Devices: From here you can decide if you want to pair the camera with your phone, tablet or other smart device. Just select the one you want to use. If you don’t have any devices linked to your Google home you will have to link them. 
  • Use your device to accept Ring: The smart device you’ve selected will send a notification for you to give permission for Ring to connect. You just need to approve it and the Ring Camera should be connected. 

Once you’re connected you just need to log into your Ring account on your smart device and you’re ready to go!

What’s the Problem With a Ring Camera and Google?

The reason why Ring camera’s can’t access all of their features through Google Home, is because Ring and Google are competitors. They will allow for some compatibility between the two devices, but they won’t allow full compatibility so you’re more likely to purchase their products. 

That said, you may not even need the features that are not included with this bundle. Therefore, it’s best we move on to review what features can’t be used next.

Limitations of Using a Ring Camera With Google Home 

It’s important to note that there are some limitations to what you can do when you connect a Ring camera to a Google Home. As we pointed out above, the companies that make these products compete with one another and save some exclusive features for their own products. 

  • Viewing live video: If you’re using the ring camera with Google Home, you won’t have access to live video. This can be a problem if you want to use the Ring camera for real time video security.  
  • Casting the video: Casting video from your smart device can be problematic when using a ring camera. You won’t be able to use the usual chromecast feature. Instead you may have to watch on the Smart Device you’re connected to. 

Again, these limitations may not be a deal breaker. For the problem with live video, most people look at their camera after it’s filmed, they don’t watch live all day long. You can get around the second problem by having a smart TV and just linking it to the Ring camera, instead of casting from a different device. 

So Really, Do Ring Cameras Work With Google Home?

So, let’s review. Ring Cameras are compatible with Google Home setups. However, there are a handful of features you won’t be able to access. These services include; watching live videos and using casting features to project the video. Of course you can just connect to a smart TV to get around the casting problem and you may not even need the live video. 

As for the rest of the major features, they should work just fine. You will be able to keep tabs on what happens at your front door, and you can always check on it with your smart device. It’s not a bad deal at all. Especially if you already have a Google Home set up in your house.