The Ring Camera works with many devices, including your smartphone, other Ring products, and even Google Home. But what about Alexa devices?

The Ring Camera works with Amazon’s Alexa. By making changes in the Alexa and Ring apps, your Alexa can send you notifications from your camera, in addition to giving you access to other features.

However, syncing the two devices isn’t exactly intuitive, and it requires a lengthy set of instructions if you’re not tech-savvy. But fear not: this article seeks to explain how you can pair your Alexa to your Ring Camera. By following the steps we’ll list below, you could have your new system up and running before you know it.

Does Ring Camera Work with Alexa?

The Ring Camera doesn’t just work with Alexa. It also pairs with the following devices:

Ring is also compatible with a host of General Electric (GE) products, including GE light switches and wall dimmers.

What Can Your Ring Camera and Alexa Do?

On its own, your Ring Camera allows you to stream live footage, receive notifications, and monitor your home’s property. Pairing it to your Alexa takes these features one step further.

For instance, if you’re away from your phone, Alexa could notify you of any activity. Using your Alexa, you could also view recordings on your Amazon Fire TV. This would allow you to see real-time footage on the big screen.

With Alexa connected to your Ring Camera, you can also:

  • Ask Alexa to stop recording.
  • Ask Alexa to show you certain clips.
  • Change the doorbell sound on your Alexa.
  • Allow others to use Ring through Alexa rather than the app.

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How to Connect Ring Camera to Alexa

You only need four things to connect your Ring Camera to your Alexa: the Ring Camera, the Alexa itself, a stable internet connection, and the Alexa app.

To connect your devices:

  1. Open the Alexa app.
  2. Tap the three lines on the top left.
  3. Choose “Skills & Games.”
  4. Search for “Ring” in the search box.
  5. Tap “Enable.”
  6. Enter your Ring account’s login information.
  7. Choose the “Discover Devices” button.
  8. Select your Ring Camera.

Troubleshooting the Ring Camera and Alexa Connection Process

Maybe you tried to pair your Alexa and Ring Camera but found little success. Here are four things you can try to connect the two devices:

Put the Devices Within 30 Feet of Each Other

Your Alexa’s Wi-Fi network’s range is about 30 feet. The same goes for your Ring Camera. So, if the devices are not within this range, they will struggle to maintain a signal.

If you cannot move your devices, consider getting a Wi-Fi extender, like the Ring Chime Pro. This device can extend your Wi-Fi signal up to 2,000 feet. Plus, it comes with other features, like built-in nightlights.

Put Your Devices on the Same Wi-Fi Network

You can’t have your Ring Camera on one network and your Alexa on another. They must be on the same network to send and receive information. You can check your devices’ connectivity status by checking their respective apps.

Try Resetting Your Devices

Sometimes, resetting your devices is the best way to go. You can reset your Alexa by holding down the Action Button (the button with the dot in the middle) for about 20 seconds until the light turns orange.

Alternatively, resetting your Ring Camera depends on what type of product you have. For the most part, if you hold down on the product’s orange button for 20 seconds, it should reset itself.

After resetting your devices, log into the Alexa and Ring apps to put them on the same Wi-Fi network.

Update Your Apps

Your phone might not automatically update its apps. If you’re using a last-generation app, pairing your devices could be difficult. Checking for updates ultimately depends on what smartphone you’re using.

In general, if you have an Android, you can check for updates in the Google Play Store. If you have an iOS device, you can check for updates in the App Store. Be sure that your Alexa and Ring apps are on the latest version.


Long story short, the Ring Camera works with Alexa. By adding the Ring skill in the Alexa app, you can access dozens of features.