Does Ring Alarm Work with SmartThings?

Ring alarm generation 2 with keypads and sensors laid out on table.Ring alarm generation 2 with keypads and sensors laid out on table.

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The Ring Alarm system is a great way to keep your home secure and safe when you aren’t home. By setting up an alarm, you can make sure you know every time someone enters your house. SmartThings is also a popular smart home automation system that allows you to connect several different devices, and if you own both, you might be wondering if they work together.  

Ring Alarm is not exactly compatible with SmartThings; they are not designed to work directly with one another. However, you can use HomeBridge to install a Ring plugin to then use the devices together.

You might be wondering exactly what a HomeBridge is and how to use it. Don’t worry. We will go over all the details in this article. We will also go over some troubleshooting tips and other Ring devices that don’t need to use a HomeBridge to work with SmartThings.

Can Ring Alarm Work with SmartThings?

Ring Alarm can’t work with SmartThings unless you use a HomeBridge. A HomeBridge is a simple device that uses plugins and other software to allow you to connect two devices together that normally wouldn’t be able to connect.

The Ring Alarm is actually one of the only Ring devices that don’t work with SmartThings automatically. The following Ring devices don’t need any HomeBridge to work with SmartThings:

How to Set Up HOOBS HomeBridge to Work with SmartThings and Ring

While there are many HomeBridge devices, one of the most popular ones is HOOBS. It’s much easier to use than some of the other options, and the plugin installation is simple and easy.

After getting your HOOBS and connecting it to your home network, you will need to install the SmartThings plugin. Use the following steps:

  1. From your dashboard page on the HOOBS website, click Plugins.
  2. Search SmartThings.
  3. Click on the icon.
  4. Click Install.

Keep in mind that you need a HOOBS account before installing any plugins. If it’s your first time using HOOBs, you can make a free account on their website. Make sure to use a username and strong password so no one can hack your devices.

After the SmartThings plugin is installed, you will get a page on your browser saying that installation is complete and it’s ready to be used. Now, you’ll need to install the Ring plugin. Go to your dashboard again and search for the Ring plugin. Then follow these steps:

  1. Click Install next to the plugin.
  2. Wait for it to complete and give you a confirmation page.

Now you will have both plugins installed. Unlike the SmartThings plugin, the Ring plugin requires a two-step authentication. This is to help protect your identity and make sure your systems can only be used by one person.

To do this, you will need to perform a Refresh Token. We will go over the steps to do this below, but read this quick guide on Refresh Tokens first. They can be confusing at the beginning, and it’s important to know what they are used for.

Installing the Refresh Token

Follow these steps to complete the refresh token:

  1. Click the three dots on the top right of the screen.
  2. Enter in the code npm i ring-client-api.
  3. HOOBS will start the process for you once you have entered the code.
  4. Don’t exit out of the system or change the browser page during this time.
  5. After it’s done, it will ask for your email and password.
  6. Then, it will ask you for your 2FA code. This can be found in the email sent to you when you set up your account.

Now both devices should show in your account, and you will be able to use them together.

Troubleshooting Ring Alarm and SmartThings Connection

If you’re having problems integrating the two systems, check the following:

  • All the devices are connected to the same network.
  • Your router is on and working.
  • Your command code for the Ring Plugin doesn’t have any extra spaces or punctuation.

How to Use SmartThings and Ring Alarm Together

After connecting SmartThings with your Ring Alarm system, there are some great ways you can use the devices in sync, including:

  • Setting the Alarm to Away or Home modes
  • Alert or sound the alarm when someone unlocks the door
  • Turn on lights or flash lights when the alarm goes off

HOOBS essentially acts as a hub, so the more plugins you have, the more features you can add to SmartThings and the Ring Alarm.

Final Thoughts

Even though the Ring Alarm can’t connect to SmartThings without a HomeBridge, you can easily use devices such as HOOBS to use the two together. Connecting them and syncing them is pretty easy as long as you use the correct plugins and command codes.

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