Does Ring Alarm Work with Blink?

ring alarm base station installed on the wall with the keypad on the table.ring alarm base station installed on the wall with the keypad on the table.

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The only things that Ring and Blink share in common are that they’re both owned by Amazon and offer smart security cameras. Outside of that, Ring has evolved into what is essentially a home security company, complete with its own professional monitoring. Meanwhile, Blink sells budget-friendly smart cameras. With that said, you may be wondering whether the Ring Alarm system can work with Blink cameras.

Despite their shared ownership, Ring Alarm doesn’t work with Blink. In fact, Ring products are not intertwined or compatible with Blink products in any way. There are ongoing talks and community feedback considering a conglomeration of the two, but to no avail thus far.

There’s reason to like the idea of Ring and Blink compatibility. Combining Ring’s home security features with Blink’s wallet-friendly and feature-heavy devices seems like a no-brainer. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be a direction in which Amazon is aiming. Read on to learn more about why Blink cameras are currently not compatible with the Ring Alarm.

Unfortunately, Amazon hasn’t offered much in the way of explanation for what should be a smart integration, but the immediate assumption would be money; two revenue streams, two apps, two brands, and two technologies boil down to cost-effectiveness and the potential devaluation of the separate devices.

Of course, Amazon loses money year in and year out on Amazon Prime’s two-day shipping but subsidizes it with the revenue streams from the companies it gobbles up. Ultimately, it’s hard to say.

If you’re considering Alexa Routinesas a viable workaround, don’t bother. Alexa is certainly compatible with both Blink and Ring devices. However, the Ring Alarm isn’t.

Do Non-Ring Devices Work with Ring Alarm?

There are a few non-Ring devices that will work with Ring Alarm, but none of them are cameras. For reasons that most likely revolve around devaluation, the Ring Alarm will only work with Ring cameras.

  • Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt: The Schlage Connect is compatible with the Ring Alarm system and comes with its own, built-in alarm as well. You can create 30 different access codes, and the Schlage Connect comes with its own anti-theft alarm system.
  • Yale Assure Lock SL: The Yale Assure is voice-control ready with Amazon Alexa and is compatible with Ring Alarm.
  • Leviton Decora Smart Switch: Compatible with Ring Alarm, the Leviton Smart Switch also integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Outside of a few smart switches and smart locks, there’s not much that is compatible with the Ring Alarm outside of Ring products. Ring compatibility is designed to be compatible with Ring.

Other than Ring Alarm, the Alexa app—and as a result, Alexa Routines—can bring together a host of different products with Ring. Unfortunately, the Ring Alarm just isn’t in the cards.

If you’re gauging this from the perspective of home security, knowing that only Ring Cameras work with the Ring Alarm, then Ring Cameras should be your outside option, with Blink Cameras inside.

The premise is this: your Ring Cameras alert the Ring Alarm, and—via Alexa Routines—the Ring Cameras also trigger your interior Blink Cameras. To set this up, you’ll need to link both Blink Skills and Ring Skills to your Alexa app.

You can download the Alexa app from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Then:

  1. Open the Alexa app and select More from the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap Skills & Games.
  3. Look up the skill Blink SmartHome.
  4. Tap Enable To Use.
  5. You’ll be instructed to enter your Blink login information.
  6. Once you’ve logged in, create a 4-digit code to disarm Blink.
  7. With the Alexa App, you can now locate and pair with your Blink cameras by selecting Discover Devices.

You’ll follow the same instructions to locate and add your Ring account via Ring Skills and Alexa Routines.

Once you have both skills selected, enabled, and their corresponding devices added to your Alexa app, you can now start creating routines. For instance, you can create a routine that activates your indoor Blink Camera’s recording mode if an outside Ring Camera detects movement.

There are several routines available, so you can pick and choose what’s right for you, depending on your setup. Remember, the Blink Cameras won’t work with the Ring Alarm, nor will the Ring Alarm coordinate with Alexa Routines, so you’ll have to be careful how your setup works and communicates.

Final Thoughts

As of now, Blink Cameras are not compatible with the Ring Alarm. Perhaps Amazon will remedy this at some point. However, it is telling that the Ring Alarm won’t even work with Alexa Routines.

That suggests that Amazon wants to stay well away from anything that would effectively coordinate a home security system, armed with smart cams, with anything related to Ring and vice versa.

Amazon seems to be going for a full, home security network based around its lineup of Ring Cameras, Ring Alarms, and other Ring devices. While Amazon owns Blink, that side of the market looks more like a budget-friendly alternative to the more expensive competition.

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