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Does Ring Alarm Announce Door Open?

Last Updated Sep 9, 2022
An open front door.

The Ring Alarm is a do-it-yourself home security system that consists of everything you need to monitor the entryways of your home, but can it announce that a door is open?

The Ring Alarm does not announce that a door is open. It will only chirp or chime if one of the contact sensors has been broken. In other words, if a window or door opens, you will hear a simple chime or chirp.

The Ring Alarm is an affordable home security system that the average Joe can install. It will allow alerts and the monitoring of your entryways and ingress points in your home.

Does the Ring Alarm Announce Door Open?

The Ring Alarm cannot announce to you when a specific door is open, per se, but you can set it to notify you when motion has been detected and when a sensor has been triggered.

The Ring Alarm cannot announce that a door has been opened, but it can notify you when a sensor has been triggered. You can observe the motion detector in the room with the tripped sensor and determine if the window or door has been opened.

The Ring Alarm sensors can be connected to various methods of ingress into your home. The sensors can be attached to windows and doors alike. 

You can also attach a Ring Chime to your Ring Alarm and be notified if someone is approaching your doorbell, is ringing the doorbell, or when someone has entered your home.

How do the Ring Alarm Door and Window Sensors Work?

The door and window sensors connected to your Ring Alarm are simple wireless sensors with a magnet inside them. Each sensor side is placed on one side of the door and the jamb.

When the door or window is opened, the magnet moves away from the sensor, causing the sensor to trigger an opening event. That way, you can monitor when your door is opened.’’

If you want to know if you can arm the Ring Alarm with the door opened, we’ve found out if you can.

How Loud is the Ring Alarm’s Siren?

If someone breaks into your home and you have an alarm system, you want to be certain that the siren that gets triggered by your alarm system is of sufficient volume to deter criminals.

The siren attached to the Ring Alarm maxes out at 104 decibels. 104 dB is on par with a jet taking off from 300 meters away or a loud lawn mower. It should be loud enough to deter.

Anyone that breaks into your home is not going to miss the siren. It will be loud enough to draw attention to your residence and hopefully cause the would-be thief to exit and run away.

It is important to note that the siren is not included in the base system of the Ring Alarm. The Pro system has one included. It is also possible to purchase a Dome Siren and connect it.

The Dome Siren is an additional purchasable siren for the Ring Alarm system. It will add an audible alarm outside your residence to alert your neighbors and the police to a break-in.

Does the Ring Alarm Alert the Police to a Break-in?

In the Ring app, you can set up an SOS alert so that if your contact or motion sensors are triggered, it will alert the police or proper authorities.

There is a monitoring service associated with this feature. The monitoring service will notify the primary number on the account in the event of an emergency to confirm the event.

If you want access to this feature, you will need a Pro Ring Protect subscription. There are three different levels of protection:

Features:Recording of video for one doorbell or cameraRecording of video for all your Ring devicesRecording of video for any home device, Ring Alarm professional monitoring
Price per month:$3.99$10$20
Price Per Year$39.99$100$200
Savings with Annual Purchase$7.89 saved with annual purchase$20  saved with annual purchase$40 saved with annual purchase

More information on Ring Protect plans can be found here.

What if I Want a Door Open Announcement?

If you find that you can’t live without the zone alarms associated with more expensive hard-wired home security systems, you aren’t completely out of luck. 

The only problem is that the Ring Alarm won’t be your home security option. SimpliSafe is a similarly priced do-it-yourself home security system that will display zones on the keypad.

With SimpliSafe, the door and window sensors will trigger a notification on the system keypad, alerting you to exactly which sensor has been triggered and where it is located. 

This can be useful if you have many door and window alarm sensors attached to your home security system. SimpliSafe is a Ring Alarm competitor, and they aren’t compatible.


If you need zone alarms and for your home security system to announce which door has been opened, then the Ring Alarm is not the system for you as it doesn’t have these features.

If you need these features, the SimpliSafe brand has zone alarms displayable on the keypad.

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