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Does Rachio 3 Require a Subscription? (Monthly Fee)

Last Updated Oct 10, 2022
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Subscription services are a common theme among streaming services, shopping services, and any smart technology you can think of. So, do you need to pay a monthly fee to water your lawn?

The only monthly fees you have to worry about when using the Rachio 3 to automatically water your lawn and garden are your water bill and your Wi-Fi subscription.

Please continue reading to learn more about the Rachio 3 and the monthly costs you need to worry about.

How to Use the Rachio 3

Smart technology can make everything easier for you, including watering your lawn and garden.

The Rachio 3 will take care of your basic lawn care needs so you can relax more often.

One of the only annoying parts of owning smart home technology is learning how to set your technology up.

Fortunately, it will only take a few minutes to learn how to use your Rachio 3.

Follow the steps below to get started with your new automatic watering system and work to erase plant care and maintenance from your daily routine.

  1. Choose the area where you need to water your plants. If you want your Rachio 3 outside, you must purchase an enclosure.
  2. Place the sprinklers where you need them and find a spot for your controller.
  3. Connect your controller to your Wi-Fi so you can control your sprinklers anywhere.
  4. Download the Rachio app on your smartphone and follow the steps.

After your installation and setup are complete, you’re free to set your device to water your plants appropriately.

You will choose the amount of time your plants receive water within any given week to ensure that you prevent overwatering.

Can You Use Rachio 3 Without Wi-Fi

The only way you can use this device without Wi-Fi is if you want to use it and manual mode.

However, this takes a smart aspect out of the sprinkler system.

If you want to program your sprinklers to run without thinking about it, you must always stay connected to Wi-Fi. No monthly subscription fees are required to do so.

Connecting your Rachio 3 to your Wi-Fi network is safe because this device uses encryption codes and passwords to protect your information.

If you’re not interested in the smart aspect of this device, then you would be better off purchasing a standard sprinkler system and saving money.

How to Manually Operate Your Rachio 3

These manual controls are handy if your Wi-Fi goes out, so you don’t have to worry about your plants going without water and dying.

Follow the stuff below to operate your Rachio 3 manually so you can still water your plants without trouble.

  1. Choose the sprinkler zone you need to water on your Rachio 3 controller.
  2. Select “run “on the sprinkler zone that needs attention.
  3. Skip any zones that shouldn’t be watered today to prevent overwatering.
  4. Select “stop” and wait for the blue light to appear to ensure that your plants are finished with their watering session.

Using the manual mode on this device can be frustrating because it might be difficult to keep track of which plant you’ve already watered throughout the week without the Wi-Fi connection.

When you water your plants too often or too little, you risk them dying because they are sensitive to their water consumption.

How to Install Rachio 3 Enclosure

When you water your plants and keep your Rachio 3 controller outside, you need to purchase a covering for your controller to keep it safe.

Unfortunately, these controllers are not waterproof, so neglecting to purchase the covering can be detrimental to the lifespan of your Rachio 3.

  1. Purchase your Rachio 3 enclosure with your device if you already know you want it outside.
  2. If this is your first time installing your controller in this area, you’ll need to contact a professional to complete this task.
  3. If replacing an old Rachio 3 outdoor controller, remove the old one from the enclosure and apply the new one inside by connecting the same wires to the same spots.

If this is your first time installing the Rachio 3 remote in your home, you need to contact a technician or an electrician for help.

You are attempting to install this on your own, so the first time can cause severe injuries and mess up the wiring to your house.

Final Thoughts

The Rachio 3 is an excellent way to automate your plant watering schedule to ensure your plants never miss a day.

Gardening can be emotionally rewarding, but many people don’t have time for the maintenance their garden takes.

When you install an automatic sprinkler system to do the job, you can reap the benefits of fresh produce and beautiful flowers without the labor.

If you’ve never installed a Rachio controller onto your house, you’ll need to contact an electrician to wire the technology properly.

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