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Does Peloton Work With Apple Watch?

Last Updated Oct 16, 2021
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Apple Watches, on their own, are a great tool for monitoring your progress when you workout. Still, what if they could be made even more effective by pairing them with your Peloton? Does Pleloton work with Apple watch, and if so, how do you pair the two of them? 

Peloton is in fact, compatible with Apple Watch. The two just need to be paired through the Apple Watch app. Once in the app you can detect gym equipment and easily connect to your peloton bike. Treadmills on the other hand can’t fully connect, but can still get some features like heart rate. 

If you’re looking to pair your Apple watch with a Peloton bike or treadmill, we’ve got you covered. In the following sections we’ll break down how to pair the two, as well as a sneaky, sort of work around you can use on a Peloton treadmill to get the heart rate monitoring features. So come along and let’s see if we can’t get you on your way and working out! 

Can I Use My Apple Watch With My Peloton Bike

While most Apple watches people use today are compatible with Peloton Bikes, there is one exception. Series two through six are the ones that will work with your Peloton bike. 

How Do I Get My Apple Watch to Work With a Peloton Bike?

Pairing your Apple Watch with your Peloton bike is a pretty straightforward process. To do so, you will just need your iPhone, Apple Watch and of course the Peloton bike. 

Before you begin, you will need to enable your Apple Watch to be able to find your Peloton bike. Once you’ve done that, it’s just a few more steps to actually pair the two.

Below we first breakdown how to enable your Apple Watch to connect to your Peloton, and then how to pair the two: 

How to Enable Your Apple Watch to Connect With Peloton 

Follow each of these steps and your Apple Watch will be connected to your Peloton bike in no time:

  • Select “My Watch” in the Apple Watch app: Open up the Apple Watch app on your iphone and tap on My Watch. This should open a menu you can scroll down on. 
  • Select “Workout”: You should be able to scroll through the menu until you find a tab labeled “Workout.” Select this so you can enable your Apple Watch to connect. 
  • Select “Detect Gym”: Once this is selected your Apple Watch should be capable of connecting to your Peloton bike. 

Step by Step: How to Pair Peloton With Apple Watch

Now that your Apple Watch is ready to connect, you can move on to the process of pairing it with the Peloton.

If you follow the steps below, you should be able to successfully connect your Apple Watch to your Peloton: 

  • Select your Peloton Cycling Class: Here you’ll be able to select an on demand class or live. Depending on which type of class you’re doing, your next step will be different. If it is a live class, you will simply want to do nothing next and wait until about a minute before the class starts to follow the next step. If it’s on demand jump to the next step.  
  • Point the camera of your apple watch at the touchscreen: Make sure your Apple Watch is unlocked before you do this. Once it is, point the camera to the touchscreen on the bike. 
  • Wait for the watch to vibrate and signal connection: The watch should eventually vibrate, followed by a message on the touch screen asking you to connect. Select “Ok” and wait for them to connect. 
  • Select “Start” to begin the workout: Now you just need to select “Start” on the touch screen and wait for the class to start.

Once you finish your class, the Apple Watch should automatically disconnect from the bike, ensuring your security. 

Why Connect an Apple Watch to a Peloton Bike? 

Connecting your Apple watch to a Peloton Bike can better help you keep track of things like your heart rate, how extensive your exercise was and how much of a workout you really got.

This helps you to know what your limits are, where your pitfalls are and ultimately what you can do to improve. 

Final Thoughts

Peloton and Apple watch are in fact quite compatible. They are great to use together because one gives you a real workout, while the other helps you keep track of your progress. There’s really no good reason not to try and use the two together. 

To connect your Peloton to your Apple watch follow the steps we outlined in the sections above. Soon you’ll not only be getting a great workout, but you’ll have a better understanding of how you work as well!

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