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Does Peloton Have Any Kettlebell Workouts?

Last Updated Feb 18, 2022

Peloton specializes in the production of original, and standard at-home exercise bicycles including other multiple at-home gyming types of equipment. In case you need help with exercise routines, it also has a comprehensive workout library where you can use your body weight or minimum exercise equipment. But something you may wonder is, “Does Peloton have kettlebell workouts?”

In general, Peloton does not make use of kettlebells in their workouts programs. But the kettlebell can be used in some of the Strength and Bootcamp classes. Exercises from these classes can also be performed with kettlebells as long as you select the right weight for you. 

In this article, we would be discussing the difference between Encore and the Live Classes on the Peloton exercise bicycle, How to find Live classes on the Peloton App, and If Peloton Live classes are recorded?

The Difference Between Encore and Live Classes On The Peloton Exercise Bicycle

The Peloton exercise bicycle comes with apps that allow you to take classes. These classes make you exercise in an environment where you can connect, and engage with the people you are cycling with just like in a classroom. You have the choice to join both encore and live classes. Let’s say you buy a new Peloton exercise bicycle, but you are confused about what class to join. 

Here Is how to differentiate between Encore and Live classes so you can decide on which class to participate in. 

Some differences between Encore classes and Live classes include:

  • Encore classes are recorded sessions that are re-streamed again in the live schedule.  They are presented as a Live class by the Peloton schedule, but it will be written “Encore” underneath. 
  • Live classes are live-streamed from Peloton studio in New York City and London.
  • You get shout-outs, and high-fives in real-time from instructors in Live classes. But the Encore class can’t perform this feature. 

Peloton also produces at-home bike accessories and equipment. They have a Mobile App you can sign up for even if you don’t have Peloton exercise equipment. Peloton provides thousands of Live and On-demand classes, through its Peloton membership. The membership allows you directly stream into your Peloton equipment, smart home TV, or your smartphone.

If you would like to learn more about Peloton, check out this article.

How To Find Live Classes On The Peloton App

One unique feature of the Peloton Live Classes is that you can see all the people you are cycling with. This makes your exercise session very engaging, creating a room to connect and inspire one another. 

Let’s say you buy a new Peloton at-home exercise bicycle, you wish to join the Live Classes, but you don’t know-how, you can do that with the following steps:

  1. Launch the Peloton App either on your treadmill, bike, or Mobile Device. 
  2. On the top of your screen select the “Schedule Tab.”
  3. If you wish to sign up in advance, scroll across the next 14 days. If you wish to join today, you will be presented with a list of all classes available by their time. Choose the class in which you wish to join
  4. You can also change a class category to see the full list of Live Sessions available for each separate class.

These classes could be in the form of cycling, running, yoga, and strength training. Peloton classes are helpful for those who need guidance and can’t work out on their own. It creates room for healthy competition against one another. Peloton classes work for those who enjoy doing exercise as a community, and those who prefer working out alone with no one around. 

Are Peloton Live Classes Recorded?

Peloton Exercise machine comes with streaming features that make you access videos on the internet and also join their live classes. There have been rumors that Peloton classes record their Live workout sessions, let’s say you join Peloton Live classes, are the classes recorded so you can watch yourself in action after classes?

Peloton live exercise classes are recorded during its Live streaming. Every recorded class in the Peloton Library is embedded with a time and date signed on the left bottom corner indicating when the class was done, and who the instructor was. 

All Peloton Live classes go on-demand after they must have been streamed live. They will then be available in the Peloton Library for a couple of years. Old classes are deleted from the Peloton Library in place of new classes while the more popular classes tend to stay longer in the Library. 


Peloton is known for producing standard at-home exercise bicycles, and other at-home gyming equipment. Peloton at-home exercise bicycle comes with unique features that give you access to thousands of workout videos including Live-streaming. They offer classes that make you part of a community, and still give you privacy if you don’t like exercising with people around you. 

Peloton membership gives you access to Stream videos even if you don’t have Peloton exercise equipment by using your smart TV or smartphone with the App.

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