Does Peloton App Work With Echelon Bike?

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Echelon and Peloton are companies offering indoor stationary bikes for those looking to get the most out of workout routines from the comfort of home. Echelon is a more budget-friendly option, but many users would like to benefit from the Peloton app. If you have an Echelon bike, you might wonder if this is a possibility for you.

The Peloton app can work with the Echelon bike, but there are significant differences in the user experience, as well as different installation steps. As long as the user is prepared for how they differ, there is no reason why Echelon bike owners cannot enjoy the Peloton app.

If you have an Echelon bike and are interested in seeing how the Peloton app works with it, read below to find out more about this unlikely partnership.

Does Peloton App Work With Echelon Bike?

Peloton is a New York City-based company that has amassed immense popularity and a cult following, including many famous faces. Benefitting from entertaining promotional material and endorsements from numerous celebrities, the company has been growing at a rapid pace. Echelon is currently based in Tennessee and is known for its Connect Bikes.

While the Echelon bike is more affordable than the Peloton, the latter offers access to highly popular workout classes via the Peloton app. Echelon also offers an app to go with their option, but if you’re looking to get the best out of both worlds, you can do a DIY installation of the Peloton app with an Echelon bike.

With some know-how and a little time, you can unlock this ‘dupe’ achievement of getting to use the Peloton app without having to invest in a Peloton bike.

How to Make the Peloton App Work With Echelon Bike

If you have an Echelon bike that you use for regular workouts, you will have access to the Echelon app. This comes with a six-month free trial and offers workout classes and ride logs. If you’d like to get even more out of the experience, you can install the Peloton app to have access to their classes too.

There are several steps to follow if you want to achieve this:

  1. Turn on your Echelon app on your phone. Connect it to the bike.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, you will find a ‘more’ option. Select that and choose Freestyle Ride. This will monitor your stats, including resistance and cadence.
  3. Open the Peloton app on a different device, like a tablet. Select your preferred class.
  4. To get the right resistance stats, use a conversion chart or an app.
  5. Use a mount to secure the devices you are using to the bike.

It may seem excessive, but two devices are recommended when using the Peloton app to make up for the difference in resistance stats and the lack of touchscreen on the Echelon. On iOS devices, you can also use the QZ third-party app. This will allow you to see your heart rate and cadence directly in the Peloton app, and it will convert resistance for you.

What Can You Do With the Peloton App on the Echelon Bike?

Using the Peloton app on the Echelon bike will allow you to enjoy most of its functionality at a fraction of the cost. Paying for an Echelon bike and a subscription to the Peloton app will still be a budget-friendly total.

Using the Peloton app with the Echelon bike has many other benefits. You will have access to a vast selection of workout classes of all types. This allows you a more personalized fitness regimen that ranges from HIIT to yoga. Some of these options are also designed to help you train off the bike.

The Peloton app will offer a more limitless way to train, and you’ll get to enjoy it without having to invest in a Peloton bike.

How Does the Experience Differ?

If you want to use the Peloton app with an Echelon bike, you should expect some differences. These shouldn’t take away from the experience, but they may require some customization to achieve the best results.

Here are the main differences involved in using a Peloton app with something other than Peloton equipment:

  • The app will not be able to directly connect to the Echelon bike to show your cadence and resistance.
  • The resistance meter is different between the Peloton app and the Echelon bike. You will have to manually convert it or use a third-party app to get the correct numbers.
  • Tracking stats on the Peloton app will only be available with a third-party app, and it won’t log them.
  • You won’t be able to take part in the Peloton leaderboard, so you won’t get a direct comparison with other users.


The Peloton app does work with the Echelon bike, but it is not the same as using it with a Peloton bike. Despite this, you will be able to spend less on an exercise bike from Echelon and get to enjoy the Peloton classes. To get the most out of the experience, you will need a DIY installation and some patience.

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